How to Restart Firestick Safely Using its in-built Settings

Have you ever found your Amazon firestick frozen or Amazon Fire TV frozen, and couldn’t refrain from manually switching OFF then ON its power supply. Well, there are a couple of in-built ways to restart the device safely. Today we’ll share how to restart Firestick safely using its in-built settings & you’ll get out of the Amazon fire stick frozen state. The same process applies to all firestick variants like Firestick lite, Firestick 4K

Amazon’s Firestick has not only opened new doors for streamers but it has done it at a very affordable price. Due to its low-cost, easy-setup & flexibility, the device has become one of the most popular streaming device among users. It comes with a power adapter and a firestick remote. All you need to do is supply power to it and insert the device to the HDMI port of any display device. Then just play around with the remote. It’s as easy as that. In case you ever find a non-functional remote we have a Firestick remote troubleshooting guide. Don’t miss that one.

The Firestick is built with 8GB of device storage space, of which, around 5.35 GB is available for the user’s internal storage. And believe us, this little space gets filled up too quickly as you install various apps and stream your favorite movies and TV shows. The device has also a RAM of 1GB DDR4, which is enough to handle high-quality streams for long durations. Firestick seems to be quite a powerful streaming device.

But, despite enough RAM and cache size, we have found our Firestick / Fire TV frozen a couple of times and the same has been reported by the community as well. In such a situation of Amazon Fire TV frozen state, no navigation or streaming is possible for a long time.

For most of the users, there is a quick fix to get out of Firestick’s frozen state and that is to unplug the power adapter then plug it back in again. Of course, this process restarts the firestick but at the same time, such manual restart poses a huge threat to the longevity of the device itself.

Today we’ll share a couple of ways to restart Firestick the right way.

But before that, make sure that you clear the cache first. What if a full cache is a culprit and you solve the problem without restarting the device. We have a step by step guide to clear the firestick cache for the Megabox app. Follow the steps to clear cache for your Firestick apps. Hope that will thaw your firestick frozen state.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, follow the guide properly to restart Firestick safely.

Let’s get started …

How to Restart Firestick Safely

Firestick has two in-built ways to restart the device. However, most of the users are unaware of it. This is because they have not explored the device and using it for what they bought it; and that it streaming.

We’ll discuss both methods in our popular guides below.

How to Restart Firestick with its User Interface – Method1

There is an in-built feature in firestick to restart the device. This method1 is the simplest process and visual as well. This process also has an added layer of confirmation to restart, just in case.

To use this process, you should be able to navigate on the firestick screen with your remote.

If you can navigate through the firestick screen, then follow this method, otherwise, go to method2.

Press the Home button on Firestick

how to restart firestick

Click the settings icon 

How to Restart Firestick Safely Using its in-built Settings 1

Can you see the My Fire TV option? Click it.

How to Restart Firestick Safely Using its in-built Settings 2

From the list find Restart and click it. You need to scroll down to find it.

How to Restart Firestick Safely Using its in-built Settings 3

The device will ask for confirmation to restart the device. Click the Restart option.

How to Restart Firestick Safely Using its in-built Settings 4

You’ll see the message Your Fire TV Stick is Powering Off.

How to Restart Firestick Safely Using its in-built Settings 5

Wait for some time and your Firestick / Fire TV will reboot.

How to Restart Firestick Safely Using its in-built Settings 6

How to Restart Firestick with just the Remote – Method2

In case you can’t navigate the firestick with the remote, follow this guide. You won’t need to visually navigate the firestick screen with this method. There is a combination of buttons you need to press on the remote and that’s all that is needed.

This is a force restart method that doesn’t bother to close any running app. Also, with this method, Firestick doesn’t ask for restart confirmation.

Use this method only if you can’t use the first method.

Let’s get started …

Long press the Play/Pause button and the Select button on the Firestick remote.

How to Restart Firestick Safely Using its in-built Settings 7

You won’t see the restart confirmation, instead, directly see the message Your Fire TV Stick is Powering Off.

Wait for some time and your Firestick / Fire TV will reboot.

Lastly, in case even this method doesn’t work, you need to go for the manual & unsafe firestick restart method. Just unplug the adapter and plug it in again to restart the Firestick device.


Firestick is one of the most popular streaming devices. Despite the 1GB DDR4 RAM & a good amount of cache, the device freezes sometimes and you want to restart the device. Or you just want to restart because the device has slowed down too much. In such a situation instead of manually switching the power supply OFF/ON follow the in-built process for a safe Firestick restart. There are two in-built methods to do so and both are well detailed with screenshot guides.

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