How to Pair Openload, Olpair,, & Fix any Error in Kodi

This article reveals the various proven ways to fix the olpair or openload pair, vidzi pair, tvad me pair and stream authorization errors. In short, by the end of this article, you will be able to fix any Kodi stream authorization error all by yourself. The article is written in the context of Firestick, but the same can be extended to the Fire TV as well.

The usage behaviour of the entertainment industry’s consumers has become diversified within the last decade. While the conventional cable/DTH and movie theater fans still exist, severals now prefer their own devices connected to broadband for live TV, movies and TV shows. This behavior can be attributed to maintaining the social distance because of the COVID pandemic towards the end of the decade. But, surprisingly the said behavior was quite evident much before the pandemic, due to the low-cost & high-speed broadband plans and continuous new releases from various OTT platforms. On top of it, the introduction of various streaming devices fuelled the ‘being online’ behavior of the users to quite an extent as well.

Amazon Inc. has introduced streaming devices like Firestick lite, Firestick 4K and Fire TV Cube. Among these, the firestick is the heartthrob of the streaming users due to its low-cost, easy setup & flexibility and  it has captured the streaming devices’ market in no time. Amazon has its own app store called the Amazon app store to directly install various apps on the firestick. In case, you find that your preferred app is not available on the official Amazon store, with a little tweak the apk of that app can be installed on the device.

The Firestick comes with a remote and a power adapter. All you need is to supply the power to the firestick and plug-in the device to the HDMI port of the display device and turn it into a smart TV. In case you ever get stuck with a non-working remote, we have a detailed firestick remote troubleshooting guide especially for you.

Apart from the earlier mentioned reasons, there’s one more reason for the huge popularity of the firestick. And that is, the various streaming service’s apps availability; either official or unofficial. At Dinno, we have mentioned such streaming apps viz. Mediabox, Megabox HD and Movie HD. Apart from these, there is an app which is quite popular among streamers i.e. Kodi.

Kodi is a media player, which means, it doesn’t link to any streaming servers itself. But, its dozens of addons are what make Kodi, the Kodi. Some of the most popular add-ons are Exodus Redux & Magic Dragon. With its huge number of add-ons (both official and unofficial), a user gets access to literally millions of movies and unlimited streaming content with an awesome streaming experience. In case you don’t have time to search for the best Kodi add-ons, there are Kodi builds that installs the most popular add-ons, the Kodi No-limits Magic Build is one of the most popular Kodi builds.

Like with other streaming apps there are legal complexities involved with Kodi as well. If you have installed a third-party add-on (the unofficial one), you may unknowingly stream a copyright-protected content and attract a legal notice, if residing in a country where copyright laws are strict. Although Kodi is completely legal, still, to avoid any mishaps we recommend using the Express VPN.

Why the Pairing of Openload,, is Required?

While Kodi is a masterpiece foss (free and open-source software), however like with other softwares, Kodi users do face some issues as well. We have already covered most of the issues in our Kodi revival guide so in case you get stuck with a non-working Kodi, don’t miss our complete guide to revive your kodi.

Today we have picked a very specific streaming issue with Kodi i.e. pairing issue. If you use the popular addons like Exodus Redux or Yoda you may see an obstacle (the annoying pairing message) between your streaming links and your video content of favorite movies. This obstacle is a required authorization demanded from the streaming source. Currently, these two are the reported troubling add-on but the fix of this guide can be extended to any other Kodi video addon that is found with pairing issue.

Let’s first understand the reasons behind this pairing obstacle

The online streaming content from the streaming sites in quest, is mostly in High Definition (HD), and we get the opportunities to movies without spending a dime. These streaming hosts have a huge collection of millions of movies and TV shows but the streaming servers of these sites don’t always get requests from humans only. Today, even the websites that aren’t content-rich do get attacked. The servers that host movies are flooded with a huge number of requests by the bots. And the bots’ requests outnumber the human requests by large. Many of these requests are from the attackers trying their best to infiltrate and exploit the servers.

While such sites take maximum precautions to diagnose, identify and prevent DDoS like attacks, still a lesser number of requests do get in and occupy the server resources, which results in lesser resources for the humans; a well-applied subtle tactic for ages, by the attackers.

It’s crucial for a content-rich website to identify whether the request is made by a human or a bot. The websites that can be browsed, implement the captcha & reCAPTCHA authorization for identification, but the streaming servers can’t implement that feature through their streaming links. And here comes the stream authorization popup.

How to Fix Olpair,, Pair Error in Kodi

Now that we have understood that the pair-stream authorization error, is really not an error, instead, a captcha or reCAPTCHA like feature for streaming servers; we can proceed to solve this authorization prompt.

In this current guide, we’ll unveil three fixes for this authorization.

The first one is to go ahead and authorize.

The second one is to remove the links from the streaming list, that demand authorization.

The third fix will show you how to get high speed streaming links without any authorization.

Let’s get started…

1) Identify Yourself as a Human by Pairing Your IP Address (Update: Pairing Sites are not Functional Anymore. Try Method 2 or 3)

This method is the most popular one as you can authenticate yourself as a human to the authorization sites and stream the high-quality links provided by them. For the hustle-free streaming, you need to follow a couple of simple steps to reveal your identity to the authorization sources, through your IP address.

Attention: You will be identifying yourself through your IP address. It’s advisable to use a VPN instead of using your real IP address. We always encourage to abide by the copyright laws, thus you should always stream the content that is in the public domain and not the copyright-protected ones. Still, you may unknowingly stream a content that is not in the public domain (as there is no distinction between the two) and may attract legal notice if residing in a country where the copyright laws are strict.

At Diino, we never stream nor promote streaming of copyright-protected content but always recommend using the Express VPN, due to its well-distributed servers around the world and strict user-privacy policies. Don’t miss on that one.

After completing the authorization process, all the devices connected to the same network will not face any pairing authorization prompt. But, this authorization remains valid only for 4 (four) hours. After that 4 hour expires, you need to again authorize your IP address.

Follow the below steps to authorize your IP address with The same steps can be extended to, to pass their authorization.

a) After you see an authorization prompt like below, note down the url mentioned in the prompt. Here we noted down


b) This guide is written in the context of firestick, so open a browser on any other device (mobile, laptop, computer) and go to the noted down URL. We went to

c) Click the check box to validate that you are not a robot

How to Pair Openload, Olpair,, & Fix any Error in Kodi 1

d) Again do the needful to prove that you are a human

How to Pair Openload, Olpair,, & Fix any Error in Kodi 2

e) If the authorization server successfully pairs your IP, then you will see a message like below.

f) If you get some error, start again from step (b).

Done. Now you can enjoy the streams from the authorization server for 4 hours.

2) Remove the Authorization Links

In case, you don’t want to authorize your IP address, you can apply this method to remove the authorization prompts by disabling the option Hosters with Captchas.

What this method does is that it removes all the links that require authentication. This means that all the quality links from the servers will be removed and you need to settle with lesser and maybe slow speed and lower quality links.

Unfortunately, in Kodi, there is no direct option to disable the links that require authentication. The process needs to be applied to individual Kodi add-ons. 

The below process will remove the links from the Exodus add-on

a) Open Kodi

b) Click Add-ons

c) Click Video Add-ons

d) Hit Tools

e) Click SETTINGS: Playback

f) On left hand select Playback

g) On right under File Hosting Filters, disable the Hosters with captchas

Done. Now the links with authentication will not appear in the exodus add-on

3) Use Real Debrid for High-Speed Links

Being the streamer I presume that either you are a current user of Real Debrid or at least heard about it.  In case you don’t fit in either category, let me brief about it. Simply put, the Real Debrid is an unrestricted downloader service with which you can exploit your maximum download speed to stream or download the files instantly. This service isn’t free, but its fee sounds nothing to the services it offers to its users.

That being said, first, you need to create an account with Real Debrid by paying its fee. In case you use a VPN, turn it off before registering your account with the Real Debrid.

Once you have your Real Debrid credentials, follow the below process to get the high-speed Real Debrid links within Kodi.

a) Get an account with Real Debrid.

b) If you don’t have a resolve URL add-on get one like Yoda or anyone you prefer

c) Open Kodi

d) Click the settings icon

How to Pair Openload, Olpair,, & Fix any Error in Kodi 3

e) Click System

How to Pair Openload, Olpair,, & Fix any Error in Kodi 4

f) On left, toggle Standard until you see the Advanced/Expert enabled

g) Just above it, click Add-ons

How to Pair Openload, Olpair,, & Fix any Error in Kodi 5

h) On the right, click Manage Dependencies

How to Pair Openload, Olpair,, & Fix any Error in Kodi 6

i) From the list, select ResolveURL

How to Pair Openload, Olpair,, & Fix any Error in Kodi 7

j) Click Configure

How to Pair Openload, Olpair,, & Fix any Error in Kodi 8

k) On left, select Universal Resolvers

How to Pair Openload, Olpair,, & Fix any Error in Kodi 9

l) On the right, find Real Debrid

m) Click Priority

How to Pair Openload, Olpair,, & Fix any Error in Kodi 10

n) Set the priority from 100 to 90 and click Done

How to Pair Openload, Olpair,, & Fix any Error in Kodi 11

o) Toggle Enable for Real Debrid

How to Pair Openload, Olpair,, & Fix any Error in Kodi 12

p) Click on (Re)Authorize My Account

How to Pair Openload, Olpair,, & Fix any Error in Kodi 13

q) A prompt box will open with an authorization code. Note that down. This code remains valid only for 120 seconds.

How to Pair Openload, Olpair,, & Fix any Error in Kodi 14

r) Open a browser on another device and go to

s) Text in the authorization code and continue

t) Fill in your Real Debrid credentials when prompted, if not already logged into Real Debrid.

u) On Kodi, you get an authorization success message

 Done, now the Real Debrid high-speed links will appear in your add-ons.


Streamers have made the Firestick device quite a popular one. And the apps like Kodi are the cherry on the cake. However, while getting the streaming links within Kodi there are times when we get the pairing or authorization prompts or the so-called pairing errors in Kodi. These authorization prompts are not errors, instead, the streaming servers have intentionally created such checkpoints to validate whether the requester is a human or a bot. You can resemble these authorization obstacles with the captchas or reCAPTCHAS while browsing the websites. This article reveals three methods to solve such authorization obstacles.

The first one validates you as a user with your IP address, This authorization remains valid for 4 hours. The second method removes all the links that require authorization, so no more authorization prompts. But, with this second method, you lose the quality links from those authorization servers. The third method uses the high-speed links of Real Debrid so that you don’t have to rely on those authorization server links.

It’s illegal to stream the copyright-protected content. We neither stream nor promote streaming of the copyright-protected content. But, we always recommend using Express VPN, while streaming activities, as there is no clear distinction made between the copyright-free and the copyright-protected streams from the servers. And you may unknowingly stream a copyright-protected content.

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