15 kodi skins to change the looks of your device

15 Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Your Device

If you are looking to change your Kodi Skin, then you are in the right place. Here you will see the best Skins for Kodi, so you can change how your Kodi looks and keep things fresher. So please take a closer look at the list below, see which one looks the best to you and start using it.

But what is Kodi exactly?

Kodi is a vast media center that easily lets you access and stream your favorite content from Shows, Live TV, Movies, Sports, all these by using addons. The best part about Kodi is that it is easily customizable and made to fit your preferences. Kodi re-skins not only change the appearance of your interface they also enhance your experience. The default Skin Estuary may be enough for some, but for those who can’t help but want to tinker with every single option and every single detail to make your Kodi appear truly yours then this list is for you. 


If you have used any version of Kodi before, and you have downloaded a build for it, you might have noticed that it also makes some changes to it. So a build also ads their own skin to your Kodi, but if you only want to change the looks of your Kodi without having to worry about all the addons that come with all the different builds, you might be better just getting a new skin for it.


Before installing your skins you need to follow these 6 easy steps

1) Open the settings tab in Kodi by clicking on the cog in the top left corner.

15 Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Your Device 1

2) Click on Interface which Is found in the last row of the settings menu.

15 Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Your Device 2

 3) Click on Skin, which is on the left column and then Skin again in the middle of the screen.

15 Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Your Device 3

4) On the next screen choose your desired skin. If it is not part of the listed skins, you can click on Get more to see more options.

15 Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Your Device 4

5) Choose the skin you desire, click it and wait for the downloading and installation process to finish.

15 Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Your Device 5

6) Click Yes whenever prompted.

15 Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Your Device 6

The Best Kodi Skins

The skins listed here are known to work quite a lot of versions, like Krypton and Leia. There are many more skins existing but these are some of the best among them.


15 Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Your Device 7

Bello just as Aeon Nox tries to go with a more minimalistic design. The experience is user-friendly and it gets the job done, if you are searching for a skin that is light on resources then this one is for you.

You can find this skin as Bello 7 for the 17.6 version of Kodi or as Bello 6 for Kodi Leia. There aren’t many differences between the two; the biggest change you can find among them is the different colors used for the background, so not that big differences.

A slight inconvenience comes in the form of the non-existent mouse support. While you can still try to use it, it is not very convenient and feels clunky. This interface works the best with devices that have touch controls or controlled with a remote like the FireStick TV devices.

Put that problem aside and Bello is still one of the best Kodi skins on this list if what you are looking for is something minimal without any flashy bells and whistles.

Aeon Nox

15 Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Your Device 8

We are starting our list off with one of the best skins for Kodi. Aeon Nox follows a minimalist design aesthetic that is easy to use and pretty. The mix of colors and design makes it easy to get familiar with it quickly. What you will notice immediately as you boot up your Kodi device is the clean and easy-to-use home screen that features all the options you may need such as a search bar, a settings tab, a games bar, and much more. Because this is such an excellent and pleasing skin, quite a few Kodi builds use it, which goes to show how good this is.

The skin can be found as Aeon Nox Silvo on Kodi Leia with some minor changes to the version that is for Kodi 17. 6 such as the positioning of the menu bar, change of background, etc.

Aeon Nox allows a lot of customizations to be done under the hood such as changing the background, changing the options that appear on the home screen, and much more so that you can truly make it an experience catered to you. In terms of performance, Aeon Nox is very lightweight and it can run even on low-end devices like the FireStick so there is no reason why you shouldn’t try this skin at least once.


15 Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Your Device 9

Box is one of the most nice-looking skins for Kodi 18 and 17. 6. This skin features a design that is based on panels and has a sorted-out layout. The professional look and its futuristic appeal are what set this skin apart from the rest. The Box skin is quite user-friendly, and it will be quite pleasing to use. Each category of content is divided into its own separate screen for example in the movies category you will find only options that are linked to movies such as ‘library’ and all ‘recent’. The same goes for other categories too such as utility, options, games, etc.

From the home screen, you can find Movies, Live TV, Music, TV shows, etc, in their own categories but this can be easily changed in the settings so that only the categories you truly care about appear first.

You cant add an image as a background, but it allows you to put a video as one, which is quite unique and pleasing.

All these reasons are why this skin is so high on our list.


15 Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Your Device 10

This Kodi skins design is among the best I have seen these last few years. It is futuristic yet elegant and easy to use. The tiled design fits the aesthetic very well and it imitates the interface of an OS that is made for TVs perfectly. The design is crisp and most importantly very functional. The skin allows for custom background images for each category as well as customizing the colors, headers, on-screen display, and much more.

The home menu has all the normal Videos, TV Shows, Movies, and Music categories and as always you can change them in the settings

Overall a very impressive and neat skin.


15 Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Your Device 11

Confluence has stood the test of time and has shown time and time again that it is one of the best Kodi skins. Confluence has been used in a few Kodi builds, and this shows how good it is, some of the builds that use it are Durex and Xanax, even though the names may not be associated that much with these things, they are some of the best builds that can be found out there.

Confluence isn’t minimal with its design but it isn’t flashy either, it’s right in the middle when it comes to great design and usability. It has all the basic functions such as an add-ons menu, and ability to play music from music streams, etc.

The 17.6 version of this Kodi skin comes with a pre-decided background, while the Kodi 18 version does not. This is easily changeable in the settings. This skin allows you to customize in quite a few different ways. For example, you can decide which categories you want on your home screen. Sadly it doesn’t let you add a custom background at all but on the bright side, you can also pick whatever addon you want straight from the home screen.

But more importantly, Confluence is easily usable with all kinds of devices and can be controlled quite easily with touch, remotes, and mouse.


15 Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Your Device 12

Pellucid knows its audience and knows what it is doing, that’s why it uses a minimalistic skin with only the essential options on the screen. Perfect for anyone who doesn’t need anything flashy and who focuses on usability more than looks. After booting up you will see that you only have the basic essentials on screen. Options like Pictures, Video, Games and, Music as well as some settings are the only things that you can find in this skin. Pellucid may be pretty bare-bones but it is also highly functional and easy to use. In terms of customization, it is kinda limited but it also has a lot of important settings such as setting background images from the images folder, install add-ons, and more.

Pellucid can also run on a Low CPU power mode for low-end devices so that makes it perfect for any type of user.


15 Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Your Device 13

Rapier is quite a customizable skin. You can change anything from its color scheme to the menu items to the background and much much more. The skins also let you change the color of menu items, fonts, and pretty much everything you see. The home screen shows a plethora of categories for anything you may want to look up. Movies, TV Shows, Videos, Add-ons, Music, etc. are all here. On startup, no backgrounds are found but luckily you can get a lot of background videos and images to set as a background.

The good thing about Rapier is that it can be used by beginners or even experts.


15 Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Your Device 14

Revolve is a very unique and impressive skin for Kodi. The idea revolves around having a disc-like interface that rotates whenever you select an option. On the home screen, you can find the traditional options as well as the possibility to rearrange them or add/remove existing ones. This layout is quite unique for a skin that is arguably running on a quite strict code base. The skin features all the normal options such as switching out categories for each other, changing the background image, support for add-ons, music, and more. 

This skin supports touch but it is better used with remote control.

I recommend Revolve for anyone trying to find a more unique user experience.


15 Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Your Device 15

FTV is a FireStick inspired Addon that tries to bring the experience of using a FireStick system on Kodi, so if that is what you are looking for you are in the right place. The layout resembles Android TV Boxes and is relatively minimalistic, so much that even the date and time are not displayed.

Unfortunately, the mouse support is limited with this one so don’t forget to disable the mouse functionality in the settings.

The only problem with this one is the dissertation of certain words since some are either way too bright or way too dark.

In terms of customization options, there aren’t many but you can still change the menu items and widgets.


15 Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Your Device 16

The design of the panels on this one is what makes it stick out more than the rest. It is very intuitive and feels great to use. There is no similar skin like Xperience1080, especially for the interface, since its design is quite unique. 

As a bonus, you can almost customize everything. Especially customizing the tiles is quite easy, which means all the tiles in your home menu can be changed to whatever you want.

Xperience1080 is sure to work on all Kodi devices, nevertheless, mouse functionality is not supported.

Kodi 18 Leia Skins

The items listed here can only be used in Kodi 18.9 Leia version and also older Leia versions

Aeon Tajo

15 Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Your Device 17

Aeon Tajo is one of the only skins available for Kodi 18. The skin also allows you to perform quite a lot of customizations, for example, you can change the M3U playlist for background playback. Furthermore, you may choose a custom background image and custom label for each item.

Starting up the Kodi you will hear a soothing sound that is easily turned off in the options menu. The big fonts and minimal background make the skin quite easy to use. Live TV, Pictures, TV Shows, Movies, System, and more are the main home items that have their own respective submenus. Note that you can always change what appears on these screens from the options. Furthermore, you can change the background image as well as set a custom label for them.

All these customization options make picking this option a no-brainer.


15 Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Your Device 18

Aura is a skin that is used by quite a lot of Kodi builds featuring a tile-based design that is highly futuristic as well as functional. The interface is slick as well as user-friendly for new users. The items in the home menu are placed horizontally at the top of the screen while other less important widgets and subcategories are placed under in a tile format. Auras’ slick and uncluttered look makes it easily navigable and its customizability helps that point even more.

With Aura, you can customize all the menu items that are found on the home screen, you can choose backgrounds from the storage of the device. On top of that, you can also use effects and change the colors, which adds more to the appeal of this skin. Despite having so many customizations available it will not have an impact on the device that you’re using performance-wise.


15 Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Your Device 19

If you are a beginner then this skin is not for you. Quartz is a very raw experience that leaves almost everything up to the user to customize. The skin looks very bare-bones at first glance but after a bit of tweaking, you can easily make it your own. Quartz provides the fundamental structure and leaves all the rest up to you. The home menu accommodates a limited amount of options but after getting familiar with it for a while you can make it truly your own.

Quartz may not be the best Kodi skin out there, but it’s far from the worst either so why not try it out so you can see all its features.

Kodi 17.6 Krypton Skins

Quite a large number of users are still on the 17.6 version of Kodi, therefore we are lining up some of the skins that have yet to be coded for Kodi Leia and can only be used with Kodi 17.6.


15 Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Your Device 20

Chroma is a joy to use daily. The high-resolution photos, colors, and design make it very enjoyable to use. There are many different ways to customize and personalize this skin; in it, you can use various artworks, fanart, and effects to make it exactly as you want it.

Unfortunately navigating with a mouse or using the UI on a small TV is not such a great experience

The home bar is filled with big thumbnails, so you can easily find whichever category you were looking for easily.

Chroma might take some getting used to but once you figure it out you will never want to switch.


15 Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Your Device 21

Kodi Titan might very well be one of the best Kodi 17 skins out there, but sadly this skin is not available for Kodi Leia, but if you are on the Krypton version of Kodi then I recommend giving it a try. What’s great about it is the design which is modular, with its distinct tiles and neatly organized options. You can easily choose from all the categories that this has, like YouTube, Videos, Music, Add-on browsers, Pictures, settings, and more. After selecting your category, subcategories related to that category you selected earlier will appear in a tile menu. This can be changed so that they can appear as a list near the bottom of the screen if that’s what you like.

All in all, titan offers a lot of customization options, and it works amazingly on all devices that support Kodi including the FireStick and Android TV Boxes

What is Kodi?

As we mentioned earlier, Kodi is an open-source media player that is also free. This app allows you to watch all sorts of content by using addons. These addons offer all sorts of functionalities. Another great thing that Kodi has is the availability, which can be found in quite a lot of platforms and devices like Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android TV Box, iOS, Windows, Firestick, etc. If you are interested in learning more about this app, you can check some of our other articles regarding it. You can find them below.

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Closing Thoughts

So, these were our picks for the top 15 Kodi skins. The skins were in no particular order as each and every one of them serves a distinct purpose. We recommend trying most of them to see which one fits you best.

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