10 Best Kodi Repositories

If you are looking for the best Kodi repositories, then you are in the right place. We will dive more into the best Kodi repositories for all the Kodi versions that are out there. All the repositories listed in this article will work with quite a lot of devices from different platforms like Android, Windows, Linux, Mac, Firestick devices, and more.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a media player which is free and open-source, on it, you can install addons that allow you to watch all kinds of content. Kodi can be installed on a large variety of devices and platforms such as Linux, Windows, Android TV Box, Raspberry Pi, iOS, Firestick, etc. These have made Kodi one of the best streaming applications for your favorite streaming device and mobile devices.

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But what are Kodi Repositories?

Kodi repositories can be thought of as the storage houses of Kodi add-ons and builds. These add-ons and builds come from the repositories, and these repositories have a diversity of different add-ons. There are add-ons that stream live TV, movies, and shows, etc.

Whatever it is you want to do on your Kodi device add-ons are required. Usually, repositories host quite a lot of add-ons packed on them. Some add-ons are available through a lot of different repositories.

This article not only lists different Kodi Repositories that we recommend but also gives instructions on how to install them and what to watch out for.

What you should watch out for!

The add-ons listed down below offer access to a vast amount of free content that otherwise would have been blocked off by pay-walls, so as you can see this is not exactly legal. Near the end of the article, you will find instructions on how to protect yourself from people peeking at your address and possibly getting fined by your internet service provider.

So without further ado here are the instructions:

If you are a user of Kodi, you have probably installed addons on it, which means that you have had repositories as well. Almost all add-ons are installed from repositories (except for the zip ones), so you will need the repository to get the add-ons that you want.

These instructions are general and will follow the installation of the Lazy Kodi repository below, which is taken as a simple example. The installation of other repositories is identical, the only change being you use a different link in the last few steps.

1) Open Kodi and access the settings tab by clicking the symbol that looks like a cog, which is located on the top left corner.

10 Best Kodi Repositories 1

2) Click on System near the end of the list.

10 Best Kodi Repositories 2

3)In the next window you will quite a lot of things, there select Add-ons and click at the option that says ’Unkown sources’ so that it is flipped on.

10 Best Kodi Repositories 3

4)Click on yes when prompted (don’t worry it doesn’t mess up anything).

10 Best Kodi Repositories 4

5) Now you will need to return to the settings window that we were earlier, there you will need to find the File manager and open it.

10 Best Kodi Repositories 5

6) Click on Add Source on the right.

10 Best Kodi Repositories 6

7)In the next window click on <None> so you can add a new link for the repository.10 Best Kodi Repositories 7

8) The link that you need is: but be sure to type it exactly as it is here.10 Best Kodi Repositories 8

Attention: This link only works if you want to install the Lazy repository, The links for the other repositories are listed below just copy the links into the search bar and click on ‘ok’.

9) After typing the link give it a memorable name. For this example, we named it Lazy just so we don’t lose it.

10 Best Kodi Repositories 9

10) We once again have to go back to the settings menu but this time we click on Add-ons on the first row of the menu.

10 Best Kodi Repositories 10

11) Scroll down to the second from last option and click on Install from the zip file.10 Best Kodi Repositories 11

12) Find the name you gave it earlier. In our case, it’s just named Lazy.10 Best Kodi Repositories 12

13) Next click the folder named Repos here.

10 Best Kodi Repositories 13

14) Click on the repository that is required. In this case, Cy4Root is the one we selected just because it is one of the newer repositories and it is featured in our list.

10 Best Kodi Repositories 14

15) Now click on the Install from repository, then you will need to click on Name of the repository, after you have done those you will need to press on the Add-on category to install the add-on of your liking. The addons can vary from video to program addons.

10 Best Kodi Repositories 15

Now for the best Kodi Repositories

Since we got all the explaining out of the way will start with some of the best Repositories for Kodi as well as some that used to be very popular but have been online for some time now.


If you are a Kodi user for a long time, you may know that repositories sometimes shut down or have technical problems. This could be very inconvenient as it prevents you from getting whatever add-ons you want on your devices.

Thankfully LazyKodi  breaks up this problem by bundling together a lot of the most useful repositories in one place

Lazy Kodi is not like most other repositories, but it is a group of Kodi repositories in one place. Even though you can’t install add-ons straight from the source, with the library of addons available on this one, you are sure to find quite a lot of great addons, and you can also find excellent alternatives for those that you might not find.

Lazy Kodi:

Cy4root Repository

Cy4root Repository is a rather new Repository but in its short lifespan it has picked up a lot of attention thanks to its pretty interesting line-up of add-ons like Sportowa TV, Adult Swim, SportsDevil, and more. This repository has a large video add-ons collection for Kodi, which makes it a great option for most people. In addition, Cy4root Repository features some trending add-ons such as Descent and Laplaza as well as featuring more notable add-ons such as TV Show – Next Aired which is a TV guide for upcoming shows and movies and it is entirely free.

Cy4root Repository also has quite alot of Add-ons that include music such as Spotify, Flixhat, Squeezebox, etc.


Cy4root Repository

Diamond Wizard Repo

The Diamond Wizard Repository contains over 20 add-ons, including The Magic Dragon, Greased Lightning, 7 Of 9, and others. As for add-ons that have to do with programs, you will notice the Diamond Build Wizard, one of the most famous add-ons. This add-on has a large collection of builds for all Kodi versions, but mostly for the Kodi 18 Leia. One of the most notable parts of this Kodi add-on is the maintenance add-ons and some backup/restore add-ons. Older generations may not be supported, though, so watch out!

Diamond Build:

Diamond Wizard Repo

EzzerMacs Wizard Repository

The EzzerMacs Wizard is a quite famous repository for Kodi. The repository hosts lots of add-ons for videos and utility add-ons. As for add-ons for video, we can list popular names such as DeathStar, Destiny of DeathStar, Luxray Video, The Magic Dragon, Kratos Reborn, YouTube, SportsDevil, and many more can be found on this repository.

In the Program section, EzzerMacs features some strong contenders as well. Among them, EzzerMacs Wizard stands out the most. EzzerMacs Wizard is the source of many Kodi Builds and hosts quite a lot of addons that offer much more than just movies and shows, some of them are great for maintenace, and other useful things.

 Pretty much anything you want to watch or listen to can be found in EzzerMacs Wizard Repository.

If you are looking for a carefree and easy experience EzzerMacs is the way to go in terms of repositories.

EzzerMacs Wizard:

EzzerMacs Wizard

Stream Army Repo

The Stream Army Repo is a pretty normal repository at first glance but it also has a couple of streaming add-ons you may not find anywhere else such as Fight Club and Fanime. Stream Army Repo also comes packed with some adult add-ons as well, so for some people that last reason might be why you would want to install this repository

Stream Army:

Stream Army Repo is one of the most famous add-ons because it is quite an old repository for Kodi. It has a pretty great library of add-ons, from video, programs, subtitles, and music. There is a lot of potential here. TVAddons sadly got mixed in some legal troubles a while ago and was shut down for some time. Now that it is back, it only hosts official add-ons. So you will not find any 3rd-party streaming add-ons. Still, remains a handy add-on if you are looking for an easy and quick streaming alternative.

TV Addons: (look for


The DejaVu is a pretty popular repo among its users the reason being its vast collection of Add-ons featuring DejaVu, Free, Revolution, etc. It also hosts add-ons for Kodi 19 as well as the Maverick Wizard which is available for more versions of Kodi. DejaVu should definitely be a part of your repositories if you want the latest and greatest in terms of shows and live TV.



Cellar Door TV Repo

The Cellar Door TV Repo is not as famous as some other repositories on this list but it also covers quite a few quality add-ons and that is why we include it in this list. This repo features mostly Sports video add-ons like the SportsDevil add-on and also utility add-ons such as CDTV Wizard as well as Ares Wizard which most people download it for.

CDTV Wizard can give you access to Cellar Door TV Kodi Builds.

Cellar Door TV:

Cellar Door TV Repo

Octopus Repository

This Kodi repository features multiple add-ons for Kodi 19, meaning the latest version. You can get this popular Kodi add-on like Alvin or Taz. At the add-ons section for programs, you will also find the utility add-on Ares Wizard, a great one for many reasons. Octopus Repository is also one of the few repositories that also features add-ons for Kodi 19 Matrix, and for that reason, it has gained quite a lot of fame. Overall, Octopus Repository definitely deserves a part in your collection of repositories.

Octopus Repo:

Octopus Repository

Old and potentially non-functional Kodi repositories

Here we will list some temporarily unavailable repositories that we hope will come back.

AJs Repository – Site Temporarily Unavailable

AJs may not be the best repository for Kodi, but it does host some quality add-ons. Right now Ajs hosts about seven video add-ons and one program addon named Ajs Wizard. Ajs Wizard is the main reason you may want to download this repository in the first place as it features many Kodi builds (about 20 in total) and also features a maintenance category where you can delete your cache, thumbnails as well as force closing Kodi. When it comes to video add-ons you might not find the best selection but you may find some notable picks such as Eyasses, Cryptic, Falcon Project, Champion Sports, and more.

AJs Repo:

AndroidABA – Temporarily Unavailable

While AndroidABA may not be a Kodi repository, it is a great source for Kodi repositories and add-ons. AndroidABA is similar to Lazy Kodi but has a much bigger library and some new unknown repositories. Android ABA comes into play when other repositories or add-ons are unavailable and you need a quick and easy way to find what you want.


AJs Repository

Kodi Bae – The repository itself is unavailable for this one

The Kodi Bae is very popular among all users of Kodi and for good reason. Its content library is no joke and it features everything from movies to shows to live TV. Kodi Baes developers try to make sure to pick only the best of the best when it comes to their add-ons as the repository features video add-ons like Ultimate IPTV, Indigo, cCloud TV, Seren, Exodus, and more. The program add-on category isn’t lacking either with this one either since it hosts popular services such as Look and Feel, Picture, Music, etc.

 Kodi Bae is definitely a must-try Kodi add-on for any type of user from the music listening ones to the Live TV and movie people anyone can find something they like in this repository

Kodi Bae

T2K Repo

Just like the Golden Gun repository, this repo may never come back but just in case it ever does we will feature it in this list. T2K repository features one of the vastest libraries of add-ons and is an overall complete package. In this repository, you can find anything your heart desires from video add-ons such as Plex, T2K 1 Click Movie, IT, and many more popular streaming add-ons. The program add-ons category features T2K Wizard which hosts a variety of T2K builds such as the Last Kingdom, T2K Simple Build, and many more. Oh and we nearly forgot that you can find Music add-ons like T2K Music, BeatIT, etc. Overall T2K is a great package.

Keep in mind that T2K Repo is installing, but you might get an error that says “Could not connect to repository”


T2K Repo

Golden Gun Repository – Sadly this repository has been offline for quite some time and I don’t think it will be coming back

Before reading, note that the Golden Gun Repository has been down for a long time and it’s not sure if it will ever be back but in case It ever comes back we will talk about it. Golden Gun repository doesn’t have the most note-worthy add-on collection but it does feature some hidden gems like Sports Devil and Resistance for sports broadcasts and shows. If utility add-ons are what you are looking for then they can be found here too, Golden Gun features Metal Gear Wizard and other famous utility and management add-ons you may need. MP3 stream add-ons are the main focus of this repository but since this repository was featured on Kodil Repo which has been taken down getting your hands on this repository may prove to be a difficult task.

Golden Gun:

GG Repository

Important: Before you start using Kodi repositories and add-ons it is very important to be secure and to not leak your IP address to the repositories you connect nor anyone else peaking in these addresses. That’s why we recommend using a VPN service like Express VPN, Nord VPN, Shark VPN, or any other VPN service you prefer. This way you can rest easy knowing that you are not vulnerable to anyone trying to steal your data or possibly getting fined by your internet service provider.

So, just in case you may need to install a VPN service for the first time here are some easy instructions to follow. For this example, we will use Express VPN but any other VPN installation is nearly identical so do not worry about any long or complicated installation procedure.

Step 1: Go to Express VPNs website here, and click on the download button.

Step 2: Follow the on-screen instructions and install Express VPN or any other VPN service on your device.

 Step 3: After installing open the app and click on the power icon in the middle to connect to the closest server. The location of your server doesn’t matter as long as your IP is masked and secure.

connect expressvpn for kodi

Closing Thoughts

So, these were our picks for the best repositories up till now. Some of the last ones have been down for a long time and their return is not guaranteed but the other repositories will hopefully be more than enough for you. Keep in mind that these repositories may not be around forever and that new one may appear throughout the year.

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