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  • Connect one side of the HDMI cable into the Roku Media Player and the other side to theSmart TV.
  • Attach the power cords of both machines to the electrical socket and switch them on.
  • Turn to your PC or laptop.
  • Install and update KODI from a trustworthy website onto the PC.
  • Using the VGA cable,connect the PC to your Smart TV.
  • Check that you plug the link into the TV’s VGA port.
  • The VGA cable does not allow audio mirroring, therefore, plug the Audio Jack inside your PC along with your TV.
  • Open the Control Panel on the PC and press View.
  • Pick the Change resolution alternatuve, making sure your TV is chosen in the drop-down window box and begin mirroring.


You can generally download Kodi on your Roku 1 by utilizing the Wireless Method. For that, you need to download a Screen Mirroring application on your Android phone. Ensure that you have pre installed KODI on your Android telephone for mirroring the Content.

  • You need to enable the Screen Mirror feature on your Roku computer.
  • Open the Settings screen on your Fire TV by clicking the Remote Home button.
  • Allow the option to Screen Mirror from the System Menu.
  • Visit the Play Store on your smart phone and download a functioning Screen Mirror app that is compatible with your Android device.
  • Download the KODI application from the Play Store on your smartphone, too.
  • Open the downloaded Screen Mirror App and link it to ROKU 1.
  • Project Android Phone on Roku 1 to enjoy video streaming to KODI.


KODI can be streamed on a Roku Premiereonly exclusively from different unit. Your computer can be a smart phone or a Personal Computer. Roku Premiere already comes with the cast features pre-installed on it. In such instances, use Cast Property to install KODI on Roku from the start of downloading Kodi to Roku Premiere. Following the instructions below will help you on How to Download Kodi to Roku.

  • Turn on the Fire TV,then on your Roku Remote, click the Home button(You may need to sync Roku remote)(You may need to sync Roku remote).
  • Ensure your Roku app is upgraded.
  • Pick the Allow Screen Mirror choice and push the OK option.
  • Begin connecting the smart TV with the system on which the KODI is installed.
  • In the Devices window of your screen, press the Project button.
  • Pick the choice Add Wireless Monitor.
  • Pair when you see the option on your screen to your Roku computer and start streaming the content through the screen mirrroring option.


Wondering how you can download Kodi onto your Roku 2? The software can be downloaded from Roku 2 via Windows PC. The process gets easier if your Windows PC along with your ROKU 2 are linked to one network.

  • Link Roku System and Roku TV with an HDMI cord.
  • Switch the two devices on.
  • Open Fire TV Settings and select the System method.
  • Click and enable the Screen Mirror option.
  • Download and install KODI at the manufacturer’s website.
  • Enable the software in your Windows PC.
  • On your computer, locate the wireless network.
  • Connect to it the Roku 2 system to enable streaming.
  • Start the KODI app on your Personal Computer and enjoy streaming with your favorite add-ons.


The KODI application can be downloaded on Roku through utilizing your Android Smart TV. As soon as it is downloaded and installed, begin mirroring it so as to see your content by following the steps given below:

  • Pick the My Applications choice on your Android TV Home screen.
  • Open your browser to access the official KODI website.
  • Go to the Downloads window and pick the version of the ARM.
  • Go back to the My Applications page and press the Software Installer button.
  • Choose the local disk method.
  • Find the KODI application and click the OK icon to install the app.
  • Select “Install” button in the pop-up dialog and start the Process.
  • Then visit your Roku 3 Home Screen. Press Settings.
  • Pick the option to Upgrade your System to update your computer.
  • Revisit the Settings Screen. Activate the Screen Mirror function, then press OK.
  • It is now possible to stream KODI to your Roku 3 computer with a mirrored screen.


To download Kodi on your Roku gadget, is a jailbreaking cycle. Download and install Kodi on any of your gadgets through the guidelines given to you. Figure out the process for downloading Kodi on Roku utilizing the measures underneath. What you first need to know is that installing Kodi on Roku 4 is not possible. It can only be done by using Kodi through the Screen Mirroring alternative.

  • Ensure that the newest update of Kodi app is the one installed on the smart phone.
  • Make sure that your Roku streaming system and your Android device are linked to one network.
  • Activate the Screen Mirror on your Roku streaming system.
  • Click the Home option on the remote.
  • Visit the Settings choice shown on the computer.
  • From the Device menu, press the Screen Mirror tab.
  • Click OK on the remote control.
  • Play your favorite Entertainment programs and songs on your TV.


How can you download Kodi on My Roku Stick? Firstly, download the Kodi software for Roku on your Windows pc.

  • You can grab Roku from the Windows Store on your Windows 10 operating system.
  • Check that the Windows system has secure internet connectivity.
  • Download the Kodi software based on the directions on the phone.
  • After downloading it, use the Screen Mirror feature to display Kodi on the TV.
  • Insert the Roku system into the TV set.
  • Using the Remote Roku Home button choose the Settings option from the list of choices open.
  • Pick the choice Allow Screen Mirror and click OK.
  • Pair Roku to your Windows system.
  • You can see the Devices option on your screen.
  • Choose the Project alternative and choose Add a Wireless display.


Download Kodi on your Android gadget and screen mirror it. Use the Google Play Store to download Kodi. Figure out how to download Kodi on Roku Express with the assistance of the directions given below.

  • You can’t download Kodi from Roku Express hence, download Kodi to your Android smartphone.
  • Then activate the mirroring screen on your computer.
  • Go to Google Play Store on the Android phone and find the Kodi app. Using the instructions shown to you on your screen,install the app.
  • The app can also be downloaded by using the Google Play Website.
  • After the download, install the app using the guidelines shown to you on your screen.
  • Link the application to your Android smartphone.
  • After you add it, unlock the Screen Mirror function on your TV.
  • Watch films and Televison shows on your TV through a mirrored screen.


Using your Mac device, install Kodi to Roku. Use the iMac software to launch the downloading process and setup the Kodi with aid from the Kodi Update on the Roku instructions below. After installing, it is important to allow the mirroring of the screen on your Android device.

  • Install the Kodi software to your Mac device. Then using iMac, update it on your device.
  • Double-click the dmg file. Load it according to the instructions on the computer.
  • Enable the Screen Mirror function on your Roku streaming unit.
  • Choose Settings,then System, and finally Screen Mirror Choice.
  • Confirm that your Roku TV and your Mac are linked to one network.
  • Once the downloading process is over, switch to the additional menu at the top Mac menu bar.
  • Pick a Roku TV choice from a list showing devices that are available.
  • To display the application on your screen, press the Start Screen Mirror option.This process is now complete. If you are having any further trouble, you are advised to call the technical support.

For more details check out the video below:

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