The Best Flixtor alternatives

The Best FlixTor Alternatives

FlixTor is one of the biggest and most popular streaming websites for movie and tv shows. Lately, they have had some issues regarding their domain, with multiple changes happening. Despite all that, they are still up and running, but if you try to go into the website, you might encounter the message:

“We’re Sorry… …all our servers are full right now. Except for VIPs, we cannot accept additional users at the moment. As soon as there’s room, we’ll open the doors again. Please check back later.”

Since this is a frequent issue regarding this, the need for a list of FlixTor alternatives has become stronger day by day. This is what we are here about. Here you will see a list of the best FlixTor alternatives. If you find an alternative that seems better than the other streaming websites, give it a try and who knows it might turn into your main source of movie watching. Still, give all of them a try, see how they perform, if their ads are annoying to you if they have what you’re looking for. 

Where to watch FlixTor?

Even though FlixTor has had some issues lately they are still out there. Their website currently is, but they also have other domains that are there if the main website is down at the moment you want to watch. These other domains are

Like we mentioned in the beginning that some times you will not be able to access the content because their servers are full. If you really want to watch content from FlixTor, you can join their VIP plans, which will give you access to quite a lot of features above the regular users. With a VIP plan, you can get access to 1080p content, no ads, access to all the content that FlixTor has.

How to protect yourself?

When using sites like these, it’s better that you use tools to protect yourself from different threats that can be found on them. One of these tools is a VPN, which protects you from quite a few different online threats. Hiding your real IP Address is one of the benefits of having a VPN since your IP Address is directly associated with you. Another benefit is the anonymity it offers, by using a VPN, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or the website that you’re visiting won’t know who you are. Just make sure to get a fast VPN from your VPN Service Provider, so you don’t lose a lot of your internet speed. By having a VPN with fast speeds you will make the whole watching and streaming experience much smoother and pleasant.

A bonus to using a VPN is the ability to gain access to content that is not available to your region. By using a VPN you can watch any content you want that is not available to you. This way you get more from your VPN and from the streaming websites that are “hiding” content from you. 

Here are the Best FlixTor alternatives:

1. 123Movies


One of the biggest streaming sites on the internet that has one of the biggest libraries of movies and series. Everything is nicely divided, which makes browsing very easy. Whatever your favorite movie it’s sure that 123Movies will have it on their website. 

Keep in mind that you will encounter some ads when browsing this website. Apart from ads, you won’t have any other intrusions on your movie streaming experience. 

123Movies also has some other domains under its brand, those can be used if the main page is not working. These domains are,,

If you want to check out 123Movies, here is the link. Enjoy!

2. SolarMovie


Similar to 123Movies this is another big streaming site with a large number of users. When browsing this website you’re expected to find a nice user interface with one of the best search bars among streaming sites. 

The content that is on SolarMovie is divided into genres and countries of origin, those are also divided into other categories. All those make finding the content you want easy considering the large collection of movies that this website has.

SolarMovie has ads on its website, these ads can be annoying at times, but usually, you will have a pleasant experience.

If you want to check out SolarMovie, here is the link. Enjoy!

3. FMovies


FMovies is one of those streaming sites that have an extremely large collection of movies, and it keeps getting updated, which makes it an even better option and alternative than most here. Apart from movies, you can also watch TV series on this website. The player on this website is also quite good.

As for ads, they are there, but most of the time it’s just pop-ups that are not as annoying as others.

If you want to check out FMovies, here is the link. Enjoy!

4. AZMovies


If you are looking for a big library and high quality this is the one for you. AZMovies is always trying to get the best quality possible for its content, and you will find at least HD quality in most of its content. Another great thing about this website is the large number of mirrors it has about the content it has. You will most certainly find a working mirror no matter the movies or series you’re watching. 

Ads are also present on this website, but apart from that, you won’t find any other things that will prevent you from streaming movies. 

If you want to check out AZMovies, here is the link. Enjoy!

5. GoMovies


Just like the rest of the streaming websites, GoMovies has a large library of movies, with an easy interface, that goes well with its theme. You will get ads while browsing this website, and if you want to get rid of them, they have a premium plan, that gets rid of them, but also makes the quality of the content higher. Having a premium plan will guarantee HD content and more quality options. 

Everything is divided carefully here which will make the user experience so much better.

If you want to check out GoMovies, here is the link. Enjoy!

6. Popcornflix


As you can tell from its name when on this website is always popcorn time. Aimed towards the movie lovers, you will have one of the best movie-watching experiences. All the movies that are on this website are nicely divided into genres and categories, which will make finding the right movie to watch easier.

Similar to the other streaming websites this also has ads, but they will not intervene too much on your popcorn and movie time.

If you want to check out Popcornflix, here is the link. Enjoy!

7. Project Free TV

project free tv

Even though Project Free TV might not be as famous as the other streaming websites on this list, it still has quite a lot going on for itself. The content available on this website is divided nicely on their genre, and on their streaming service. 

The content there is at times available in 4K, but in order to access it, you will need to create an account, which might not be a big deal for most people. 

One of the best features that this website has is the pop-up menu that comes up when you hover over something, there you will see a short description of the content and its IMDb rating. 

If you want to check out Project Free TV, here is the link. Enjoy!

8. Tubi TV

tubi tv

Since the beginning of this website back in 2014, Tubi TV has provided quality movies for your entertainment. Having the content provided by Lionsgate, MGM, and Paramount means that you will have access to the best of the best in terms of quality videos. 

In order to access the content there, you will need to sign up, but then you will gain access to the massive collection of movies and other content. Since this is free, you will be seeing ads when browsing the website. 

If you want to check out Tubi TV, here is the link. Enjoy!

9. Crackle


Describing themselves as a “free to use video entertainment network featuring full-length movies, TV shows, and original programming.” means that you will enjoy the huge collection of movies that this website offers without having to pay. Still, in order to access them, you will need to be in one of the supported countries, or you can use a VPN to bypass that region locking that they have on their content.

If you want to check out Crackle, here is the link. Enjoy!



XUMO TV offers quite a few more things than the other streaming websites on this list. Apart from the movies and series on this website, you can also watch live channels, which makes this more than just a streaming website. Another thing to keep in mind is that XUMO TV is also an app, which increases the number of devices it can be accessed on. 

If you want to see more like XUMO TV, you can check out our article about 10 Best IPTV Apps for Streaming Live TV.

If you want to check out XUMO TV, here is the link. Enjoy!

Closing thoughts

As you saw here there are quite a few alternative sites to FlixTor. Some are even more reliable than FlixTor and offer more features to their users. If you are looking for a pleasant experience while watching the content you want all these websites are able to offer that without a problem. So take a closer look at them, see which offers what you’re looking for, and start enjoying their content. After all, if you’re still not enjoying one of these sites, you can still come back and look at the other streaming websites on this list.

If you are more of a person that likes downloading content instead of streaming we have the perfect article for you. Take a look at this one about the 20 Best Torrent Websites. Then it’s up to you to decide which is better, downloading or streaming the content that you want.

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