How to Fix Buffering Issues on Your Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is part of the best FireStick apps of Amazon to stream on-demand content like TV shows and movies. As a result, many of our subscribers have complained to us about buffering problems and have requested a solution. While buffering has been a slight problem before, it seems like it has become a regular occurrence these days. While Terrarium is the best because of the wide variety of content it contains, buffering scares its users off. I have personally encountered this issue and, after some studies, have found a solution. 

If you face the same problem as I did on Terrarium, I suggest you keep reading and find the solution that works for you.

I have listed six different solutions below that have worked for my friends and me. Although the best solution for me might not be fit for you, there does not exist a set guideline because your source of the problem might be completely different. However, there is a solution to every problem that arises; you have to try and find it. 

What is buffering?

Buffering happens when there is an overload of data downloaded before you play a video. It appears as a freeze on the screen until the program can get back to streaming the preferred video without any lag. You may have faced it when watching a movie on Netflix, and it suddenly stops, only for it to start again in a little bit. It can last from seconds to minutes, and I do not think anyone out there likes to have their videos paused without their consent. 

There are many reasons you might be facing buffering problems, but every issue comes with a solution. While there is not much I can help you with if the reason for your buffering is your internet connection’s speed, I will try to help you fix the issue.

So without further ado, let’s start this article and find the solution to your buffering.

#1 Check the Speed of Your Internet Connection 

You can find out very quickly if the issue is your internet connection speed, and it would be great because it is a problem that needs little time to be handled. A simple test on the app Ookla – a free app that you can download on iOS and Android devices – can show you your internet connection’s speed. You can also visit this website and test it from there. But what is the necessary speed? 

Online streaming requires a minimum of 5 Mbps speed, streaming that is full HD requires a minimum of 10 Mbps, and 4K requires at least 20 Mbps. Almost all broadband and mobile internet providers offer a much higher speed than that, some reaching a speed of 100mbps for residential connections as well. With this information, you wouldn’t think of checking the speed of your internet connection because the difference is very evident and therefore buffering because it should not be a thing. 

Unfortunately, in case you are just rarely facing buffering problems, there is a high chance that it is because of possible intermittent issues from the provider’s end. Luckily, this is a short-living problem, as a call to your ISP can fix it.

If the test results on the webpage I provided are showing constant low speed, it might be because you need to get a better router or internet plan. As I previously said, both of these are minor issues that your ISP should resolve.

#2 Issues from the Terrarium TV Server

If the speed of your internet is not the issue and you are streaming with the streaming services suggested by Terrarium TV, the root of your issue might be the inability of the server to host the content.

All Terrarium TV users are aware that the app is not a host of content under its property. Terrarium works as an aggregator that uses different links to bring its users the desired content from many servers. While it always tries its best to get the best working links, there might be a lousy link among them. When you choose a title, you launch a link, and your device tries streaming the content of the server that the link points to.

The issue is that sometimes, these servers might be experiencing trouble like downtime, slowdown, etc. These troubles of the server will result in buffering while you watch your preferred content.

However, there is not some solution you can apply for the server that does not work. All that is left for you to do is try another link that directs you to a different server. By doing this, you prevent the buffering issue if it is a problem with the server.

From personal experience, I seem to have more buffering problems when trying to stream HD content. I have checked the speed of my internet connection, and there has not been an issue; my device is also fully capable of streaming HD content. So the reason this happens is due to the inability of the server to handle multiple requests at the same time.

#3 Streaming from the Recommended Servers of Terrarium TV

While it is true that Terrarium TV uses links to stream from many servers that are stationed all around the world, there are a few servers the app recommends using to ensure you have a great experience. Users have said that these servers are the ones that face the least amount of buffering.

The servers that Terrarium TV recommends using are the ones you should leave as they are since they will be the best. I use these servers, and, indeed, they have way less buffering than the other servers.

A pop-up table shows each time you pick a title to remind you of these servers. That cannot be very pleasant. What I did, and what I would suggest you do as well, is write down all the servers in a place that you can see them again later (I knew that I was not going to remember them all, and I am too lazy to google them). After that, check the box next to “Don’t display again” at the bottom to prevent the pop-up from appearing again.

#4 Avoiding Internet Throttling by Using a VPN

An interesting fact that you might not be aware of is that online users in the US are often victims of internet throttling while never knowing. What is internet throttling? It is a common practice among ISP (Internet Service Providers).

There exists a clause in the Terms and Conditions that says that if the amount of data usage from online streaming exceeds a specific limit, the ISP has the right to decrease the speed of your internet to less than what is offered with the internet plan you have chosen. So, while the practice is not unlawful, I believe that it is highly unethical. Also, people tend to ignore these clauses or even skip them because we think it is the same boring legal document that we face everywhere; therefore, it is unfair that ISPs do this without vocally mentioning it to the users.

Luckily, there exists a solution to the throttling that happens. That solution is the usage of a VPN which will hide all the online activities you do. By using a VPN, you will prevent your ISP from knowing if you are downloading data files or streaming movies online.

We usually suggest using ExpressVPN since it is popular and compatible with Terrarium TV. I have personally used it, and I still use it for every device I own. This app is beneficial in ensuring your privacy.

#5 Clearing the App Data of Terrarium TV

Another option I have that could work to avoid these buffering issues is to restore the device to its factory setting by clearing the app data of Terrarium TV. This data clearing would make Terrarium TV resort back to how it was when you used it for the first time.

Now the problem with clearing the Terrarium TV data is deleting all your personalized settings. But, Terrarium TV barely has any settings that need to be kept. Just remember the change you have done and then apply these settings changes later.

I would suggest deleting the cache of Terrarium TV while you are at it to help the app work better. It is like magic what cache removal can do to an app.

If you are using the app on Android, go to Settings and choose the Apps option. Select Terrarium and then select the options to clear the cache and data. (The path to doing this might be somewhat different in different devices)

If you are trying to do this on Terrarium TV of FireStick, I will explain below step by step how to clear them:

1. At the upper part of the screen, go to Settings 

How to Fix Buffering Issues on Your Terrarium TV 1
Image Provided from Diino.com

2. Select Applications 

How to Fix Buffering Issues on Your Terrarium TV 2
Image Provided from Diino.com

3. Scroll to Manage Installed Applications

How to Fix Buffering Issues on Your Terrarium TV 3
Image Provided from Diino.com

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose Terrarium TV. The image you see below will provide you with an example of how your page should look.

How to Fix Buffering Issues on Your Terrarium TV 4
Image Provided from Diino.com

5. Click Clear data (you can also see the Clear cache option but in this case, it is unnecessary since the cache clears automatically when you clear the data, you can see that on the image below as well).

How to Fix Buffering Issues on Your Terrarium TV 5
Image Provided from Diino.com

6. Click Clear data once more on the following screen that shows.

How to Fix Buffering Issues on Your Terrarium TV 6
Image Provided from Diino.com

7. Now go back to the screen you were previously on by clicking the back button, and you will see that the app’s cache and data have been deleted. (The image below serves as an example of what you will see on your screen)

How to Fix Buffering Issues on Your Terrarium TV 7
Image Provided from Diino.com

#6 Use a Media Player that Terrarium TV Suggests

Since Terrarium TV is a linking app that links you to different servers, it works with other media players and does not actually own one. Therefore, it will require one for you to stream, and the best streaming service comes with their preferred media player. The app usually reminds you of this every time you launch it. The app also claims that you can experience buffering without the preferred player. 

In the beginning when I was using Terrarium TV, I would disregard the tables that popped up that asked me to get a different media player. In my opinion, the media player I had worked just fine. After a while, I noticed the common buffering issues I was having and that I was not having a good experience in general. That is when I made the decision that enough is enough and gave in to the request of the annoying pop-up. I was immediately proven wrong. I could notice a huge difference since the links that had buffering issues before ran smoothly and there was a general increase in the quality of the performance.

Terrarium TV finds compatibility with many different media players like VLC, MX Player, and several others. With that being said, it has a specific media player that will help you achieve the best performance. Furthermore, YesPlayer is the player that Terrarium TV has chosen and without it, the app does not work.

With this, you may understand that the root of your problem is your media player. YesPlayer is a requirement now, and it will most probably fix your buffering problems. You can install it from Amazon Store or Play Store.

Closing Thoughts

I hope that you find this article helpful and that you can fix your buffering issues on Terrarium TV through it. Terrarium TV is known as an excellent application for on-demand movies, TV shows, and much more; its popularity is sometimes the reason behind these buffering due to server overload. I have seen that trying to change the server usually works. The most remarkable thing about Terrarium TV is that it gathers multiple links in one place, and you can freely pick each one of them. If you are having buffering issues on Kodi, go to our main page and you will find an article that can help you with that.

Any concern that you have, you are more than free to write it down in the comment section, and my colleagues and I will try to respond as soon as possible.

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