How to Install Eternal TV on FireStick

How to Install Eternal TV on FireStick / Kodi (2021)

Eternal TV is a paid IPTV service that works with Kodi and FireStick. It is well-known for its broad channel lineup, which includes channels from Canada, the United Kingdom, Asia, and other countries. It provides viewers with options such as children’s programming, sports, and all of your favorite platforms. Seeing as it has such a large category of selected channels, it’s a suitable replacement for other options like Terrarium, cCloud, and Live NetTV. Eternal TV is also very user-friendly and functional, as it comes with an EPG menu that allows you to navigate through channels and then choose your preferred option. It has recently become increasingly popular. Furthermore, this IPTV alternative does not buffer, and its clients enjoy the services with the lowest prices in the market (very reasonable prices considering the wide range of options that the provider offers).

Conversely, these reasons bring problems. Since there is a small number of subscribers, the provider seldom gives new subscribers access to ensure that the server load does not increase and that everything runs smoothly. Specialists highly suggest that Eternal TV users use a VPN to shield themselves from outside sources spying on them online.

Optional Step – Installing a VPN

Installing a VPN is not a necessity, but it is a strong suggestion. Our online activity is constantly monitored by outside sources, mainly the government, and this is a violation of privacy – something you do not want. VPNs can be a great way to protect this online activity and prevent access to copyrighted documents. Online there are many options, and you only have to choose one of them and complete the necessary process.

While it is common sense that the provider will not intentionally stream illegal things or from illegal streaming sources, taking precautionary steps is a good way of going.

I would suggest trying out ExpressVPN. You can subscribe to it here: It provides you with a 30-days trial, where you can ask for a full refund if you are not satisfied with its performance (talking from personal experience – that is highly unlikely to happen).

After subscribing, you have to install the ExpressVPN App on your Fire TV/Stick.

· You search it in the Search option and select Express VPN once it shows in the search results.

· You should click Download and wait for the installment to finish, then click on the App to open it.

· Once it opens, enter the credentials you created when you bought the subscription and click Sign in.

· As the last step, you will click on the power button to turn on the VPN and select the preferred location.

How to Install Eternal TV on FireStick

Step 1

Open this link:

Step 2

Choose the plan that you think it’s the best for you from the three options.

Step 3

Complete the following form which is the registration one.


· Make sure your email address is correct because you will receive regular account notifications, as well as an email with the email address and password you will use to log in to your account.

· You’ll also need to create a unique password. It is crucial to write it down somewhere safe because you’ll need it to access your account. This password can be changed, which I’ll explain later in the post.

· I would advise against purchasing annual plans for third-party IPTV providers because you never know how long they will be available.

After you complete installing the Eternal TV, you will proceed to download the Eternal TV app by following the next few steps.

Step 4

Pick Settings from the menu on FireStick’s home screen.

Step 5

Open your device, which is usually the actual name of your device.

Step 6

Choose the one that says Developer Options

Step 7

To install the Eternal TV, you should turn on Apps from Unknown Sources that are shown when you open Developers Options. Click Apps from Unknown Sources once to do that.

If it already is on, this step and the following one do not apply to you, and you can skip to Step 6.

Step 8

After turning on the Apps from Unknown Sources options, you select Turn On on the message that gets displayed.

Step 9

Next you need to head to the home screen of your device, there you need to find Search.

Step 10

Type “Downloader” on the search bar and select it from the results. Stick to the steps that show on-screen to install it and then proceed to the Next Step.

Step 11

When you open the Downloader app for the first time and go past the prompts that come with the first run you will need to type: on the URL text box.

Click GO

Step 12

Wait for the Download of Eternal TV APK to finish. Once that is done, click Install which starts the installation process.

Step 13

Once you see the App installed message, click OPEN to run the App.

Step 14

To save some storage on the FireStick, you can choose to remove the file that you downloaded or not. To do this, we click DONE instead of OPEN.

Step 15

Press Delete on the next table.

With the completion of these steps, you have successfully installed Eternal TV on FireStick.

How to open and use Eternal TV on FireStick

While there are many ways that you can access this application, I will show you one that is also very easy.

Step 1

Go to the second row on the FireStick home screen called Your Apps and Channel, where you will select Eternal TV.

(You can also move the App onto the home screen by pressing the 3-line key on the remote and then clicking Move).

Step 2

By clicking the App, you will be faced with the login screen. Here, you will insert the username and password that you received in your email.

(To relieve yourself of the trouble of constantly logging in, check the box next to Remember me).

With this, you are done. Enjoy your time. 🙂

How to Install the Eternal TV Add-on on your Kodi device

Step 1

Open Settings from the home screen of Kodi.

Step 2

Open System.

Step 3

Choose Add-ons and Unknown Sources in its subsections.

Step 4

Choose Yes on the warning table that pops up.

Step 5

Go back to Settings and open File manager.

Step 6

Click Add source.

Step 7

Choose <None>.

Step 8

Enter in the empty field.

Step 9

Type the source name that you like, Eternal, and click OK.

Step 10

Go back to Settings and choose Add-ons. Select the Install from zip file option and open the file you saved previously (named Eternal).

Step 11

Open and wait for it to finish downloading.

Step 12

Once that is done, you will click Install from Repository, continue with Misfit mods repository, choose Video add-ons, and find Eternal. Once you select Install and the process completes, you can open Eternal TV and enjoy all your favorite channels.

How the change the password on your Eternal TV IPTV

Before we dive into learning how to change the password, I should explain where you will use it.

· Online account management password. The password you created on the registration form. You will use it to log in to your online account along with the email address you provided. You cannot use this to access the App.

· Streaming password. This is the password I mentioned earlier that you would receive once you completed the registration form along with the username. These are the credentials used to sign in to the App or add-on on FireStick.

Now we move onto learning how to reset the password of the online account.

You open and select Forgot Password.

You enter the email address that you chose for the account and then follow the instructions emailed to reset the password.

Secondly, I will explain to you how to reset your streaming password.

Open and log in with the credentials of your online account.

Continue by clicking Services> My Services> Active> IPTV Service Details> Show. By following these steps, you can view the password and also change or reset your password.

Closing Thoughts

While all of these might seem a bit hard (depending on your experience with technology), following the step provided above will give you the opportunity of accessing this IPTV option and enjoying its services at low costs. The wide variety of platforms offered justifies the price and exceeds it; the provider wants people to enjoy their free time in front of the TV without worrying about the cost.

This add-on does not require a lot of technical knowledge since it is very user-friendly. And once you install it on your Firestick, you will be able to enjoy all the content it offers without any issues.

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