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As we are seeing a rise in the use of streaming services and on-demand programming, there is still a huge market of satellite-based TV service and Dish TV has retained its position as the pioneer of this market. Dish TV is the most experienced and oldest satellite-based television providing company in the US. 

But definitely with this huge market share, Dish TV has to make some changes to stay relevant to the market and keep that market share. With streaming services, you get on-demand movies, on-demand channels, and all kinds of on-demand programmings right on your mobile devices, and this is where Dish Anywhere comes into play. 

With time, Dish TV has made changes to their system and in 2012 they added a small and compact set-top-box and made their antenna size very small, and added 4K support and DVR storage options as well. 

Of course, a satellite-based television service has many advantages over the basic cable network tv service. On-demand and catch-up TV streaming was a big challenge for Dish TV but they have faced that challenge right on with their own mobile app Dish Anywhere.

DISH Anywhere

With mobile device streaming taking a huge chunk of overall media consumption, companies that are providing mobile and tablet streaming services are getting more screen times and more attention from people. 

Dish Anywhere mobile app is the answer from Dish on the current scenario, this is a streaming platform that will allow Dish subscribers to use their basic Dish subscription to watch content on their mobile phones with the supporting devices and connections. 

The Basics

With the entertainment market becoming more and more clustered with new technology and all the on-demand programming services, new service providers are focusing more on the younger audience and hence more of their viewing is through mobile apps. 

Television services like At&t TV, DirecTV, Verizon TV, and now Dish TV have faced some hard times due to this new wave of on-demand content, like on-demand movies and on-demand channels. But Dish TV has this Anywhere mobile app as the answer to that problem to retain their customer base.

It is a pretty straightforward service where you will get streaming on your mobile device if you are a Dish subscriber. There are lots of on-demand content, movies, and TV series plus what takes Dish Anywhere one notch ahead is their live TV streaming technology that other streaming services don’t offer. 

You must have got the idea now, the service is very similar to what Netflix or Amazon Prime are offering, there not much of the new stuff except the Live TV service. Dish Anywhere app is available on iOS and Android and they also provide DVR technology so that you can easily watch the stuff you have recorded through your TV on your mobile.

When you get any of the Dish package subscriptions, you can then use Dish Anywhere on all the compatible devices like tablets, phones, or laptops and all you have to do is login into their website with your Dish account and get your DVR transferred to your device. 

Live and Recorded TV

Live TV service is a big part of Dish TV and makes it stand out among other services. Dish subscribers are not only able to watch on-demand content and live TV but they can also record that live TV, different series, and episodes through DVR and then transfer that recording from Hopper 2 to Hopper 3 and then watch it even without internet. 

Another good thing about Dish is that you can track the progress of your watched content anywhere by logging in to your Dish account. This means that you can watch an episode on TV and can start where you left off on your mobile phone or tablet. Dish Anywhere app is also compatible with Amazon Fire TV.


The DVR system is not just about recording and watching stuff but you will get a complete personalized system of DVR, where you will be able to record, watch, delete content, resolve recording problems and perform various other functions through the Anywhere App. You will also get a programming guide that is fully integrated and will make a seven-day programming schedule for you and will also make recording and deleting content reminders.

If your mobile and any device have an IR blaster built-in then with the new update you can use the Anywhere App and your device IR blaster to use it as a remote control. 

If you subscribe to ahy of the Dish package, you will get a limited on demand library but if you have Dish Anywhere App then all the Dish on demand content will be available for you on your mobile-phone which make around 40,000 titles with no extra fee or charges and is also ad-free.

If you want to have a subscrptionof Netflix or any other online streaming service, then Dish Anywhere gives you the option to add all of theri content library to your Anywhere App in the price of their subscription, so you won’t have to switch and jump from apps to apps for content and can watch and manage all of your content at one place.

All of the above mentioned Dish Anywhere features are without any extra charges or fee so we recommend that every Dish customer should have Dish Anywhere subscription and avail this great service without any hidden charges. 

How do I watch TV on DISH Anywhere app?

Dish Anywhere app give you this option to watch Dish TV live directly on your phone or tablet through Dish Anywhere app and you don’t have to do anything extra. Just login with your Dish account and you are good to go.

Does dish anywhere require hopper?

No, the hopper is required when you want to transfer your saved DVR content to your Anywhere app and on your phone. In order to use live streaming or on-demand content, you do not need a hopper.

Can I watch Dish TV on my phone?

Yes, you can watch Dish TV on your phone through Dish Anywhere app ( Also check How to Watch Dish Anywhere on Roku ) ( Also check How to Watch Dish Anywhere on Roku ).

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