How to Install Cyberflix TV on FireStick

How to Install Cyberflix TV on FireStick

If you are the owner of a Firestick TV device, and you want to install Cyberflix TV on it, you are in the right place. In this article, you’ll learn a bit more about it and how to actually install it on your device. Follow the steps that we have written below, and make sure to read them thoroughly. After you have seen the methods that are below, choose the best for you, and in no time, you will enjoy all the movies, series, and other content that Cyberflix TV has to offer. 

What is Cyberflix TV?

Before we go discover how to install this application, we need to learn a bit more about it. So in this part, you will learn a bit about Cyberflix TV, especially on what it actually is and what it does offer to its users. 

Cyberflix TV is an application that provides you with the opportunity to watch on-demand content such as movies, shows, and other video content. This application works similarly to the old Terrarium TV app, and it also looks quite similar to it. Since Cyberflix TV is similar to Terrarium TV you can expect to find great sources, with high-quality links that offer the best content possible. 

Cyberflix TV has quite a few features that have made it one of the best apps for streaming and watching movies, shows, etc. As we mentioned above this app is quite similar to Terrarium TV, which if you know that app, will show you that Cyberflix TV will offer content from multiple HD sources, and don’t worry about a link being bad, since they are usually excellent. 

Apart from that, another great feature comes with this app has is the ability to link your Real-Debrid account with it. By doing this you will gain access to an even bigger number of streams. 

Just like you can integrate Real-Debrid with Cyberflix TV, you can also integrate MX Player with it. If you are not a fan of the default video player that comes with the application, you can use another application as your player, which in this case is MX Player. This player is one of the most used players in the world and packs a ton of features that will make your watching experience much better. 

How to Install Cyberflix TV on Firestick

Before you start with the process of installing the Cyberflix TV app, you will need to do something, which allows you to proceed without any issues. In order to proceed, you are required to turn on the “Apps from Unknown Sources” setting on your device, which will make the installation process much simpler. 

  • To do this you are going to go into the Settings of your Firestick device.
  • When you are in the Settings you will need to look for your Device, and then go into it, which can be named after your device, or a name that you have given it. 
  • Inside your Device, you will need to find Developer options, you will need to open it, so we can proceed.
  • Inside the Developer Options you will see two options, Apps from Unknown Sources is the one that is needed for this process. Click on it, then press the Turn On button. 
  • Now you have turned on the  “Apps from Unknown Sources” on your device, and if you ever need this in the future you know where to find it.

Now that you have turned on the “Apps from Unknown Sources” on your device, you are ready to proceed with the installation process. So let’s take a look at both methods that we have shown below and be sure to follow the complete step-by-step procedure, so you don’t make any mistakes. 

Method #1

In this first method, the app that will be used is the Downloader App which is a very popular app. This app is one of the most popular apps when it comes to installing applications similar to Cyberflex TV on your Firestick. If you have seen our other guides on installing a specific application that is similar to this one,  you probably have seen the Downloader App mentioned as one of the installation methods. You can find this app on the Amazon App Store, which makes things easier, here is the app link.

Step #1

As we mentioned, for this method we will be using an application called Downloader. So, before we start with the installation process for Cyberflix TV, we are required to install the Downloader app first on our device. To do that, you have to go into the home screen of your Firestick, and once you are there you will need to look in the top-left corner where the search function is located. Press it, then type the name of the app, which in this case is the Downloader app. Once you search for the name of the app, in a bit some results will show up. Usually, the first option is the app that we want. 

Click on the first option, and once you are on the Downloader page on the Amazon Store you will need to press the Download button. Wait until the download is finished then you can start the app, so you can continue with this process. 

Before you proceed, you will need to open the application and give it access to the storage of your device, this allows the app to access any file that you have on your device, which is what this app has to do in order to download and install Cyberflix TV. Once you have done all these you are ready to continue. 

Step #2

Now that the Downloader app is ready we can continue without any issues. So for the next step of this process, we will need to go into the home screen of the Downloader App, where you can see a search bar, where you can type URLs. Once you press on it, you will need to type this link this is the download link for the Cyberflix TV app. After you type the link mentioned above you will need to press the Go button that is below the search bar.

Step #3

Now that you have typed the download link, and you have pressed Go, the download process with start. This means that now you have to wait for the Cyberflix TV APK file to finish downloading. Once it does you can open it, to start the installation process.

Step #4

As we said, once the download process is done, you will need to open the APK file that was downloaded. When you open this file, you will need to press the Install button, and once it is over press the Done button. 

Step #5

Now the Cyberflix app is installed on your Firestick, but there are a few more things you can do, one of them being the deletion of the APK file that you downloaded, so you can free more space on your device.

In order to open the Cyberflix TV app, you need to go on your device’s home screen, there you will find the app, and you can enjoy everything that this app has to offer.

Method #2

For the second method, an app called ES File Explorer will be used. This app is quite similar to the Downloader app, but it offers more features since it is more than just an app used to download applications. As you can tell from the name, ES File Explorer is also a wonderful file manager app, which makes everything easier to control on your device. Like the Downloader App, you can find this on the Amazon App Store; here is the app link.

Step #1

Similar to the first method, before we start with downloading and installing the Cyberflix TV app, we need to install the ES File Explorer, and to do that we will go to a similar route with the one we followed when the Downloader app was installed. 

So you will need to go into the home screen of your Firestick, go into the top-left corner, where the search function is located. Once you open that, you will need to press the name of the app, which is ES File Explorer. Open the first result, and click on the Download button. 

Similar to the Downloader app, you will need to give this app all the permissions that the app needs in order to proceed. Once you do, you will be ready to continue with the other steps of this process. 

Step #2

Now that you are in the ES File Explorer, what you need to do is find the Downloader option, which is located near the bottom right side, next to the Menu. Once you find it open it, so you can start with the process.

Step #3

Inside the Downloader tab that you opened, you will see many things, among them some buttons that are located on the bottom. There you will need to find and click on a button that says New+. 

Step #4

Clicking the New button will show a pop-up for you. You will need to add a Path and a Name for the app that you want to download. On the Path bar, you have to type the download link, which we also typed in the previous method, meaning this one On the Name bar, you will need to put the name of the application that you are going to install. When you have finished filling both these tabs, you will need to click the Download button below them. 

Step #5

The download will start, so you’ll have to wait until it finishes downloading. Once it does, you need to click the Open button that shows up. This will open the file, and then you will need to press the Install button, and once it is finished installing the Done button. 

Step #6

Now the Cyberflix TV app is installed on your Firestick, but you can still decide to remove the APK file that you already downloaded to clear up more space. Cleaning up these unnecessary files will certainly leave more room for other stuff you want to have on your device. 

Closing thoughts

Here we showed you two different methods for installing the Cyberflix TV app on your Firestick. We used two different applications to install this app on the Firestick device. So take a look at both methods, choose which one is the best for you, and be sure to closely follow the step installation process so you can have a seamless experience. 

Once you install the Cyberflix TV app, you will be able to watch plenty of movies and other video content, from your favorite movies to all the classics. With this app, you will be able to watch quality content from dozens of sources.

Cyberflix TV is a great app that will offer you a lot of enjoyment with its large content library. Inside it, you will be able to find a massive list of movies, shows, and other content.

This is not the only app you can get for your Firestick, so if you are interested in checking out more information on other apps or the Firestick TV device, you can do so by checking out the articles below.

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