The Best Torrent Websites

20 Best Torrent Websites

Torrent has been around for a while now, which has made it one of the most used ways for people to get movies, tv shows, games, and all kinds of content. Finding the best torrent websites is not an easy task, so that’s why we are here to show you. Finding good torrents is quite tricky especially since you might get some sketchy files that could turn out to be viruses, which can ruin the whole experience. 

There have been quite a few popular torrent sites that have been closed during the years, numerous torrent websites are popping up day by day, which has made the torrenting community even stronger. All of these sites have their pros and cons, but if you know what to look for you are sure to find the best torrents for you. 

How to choose the best torrenting website for your downloads?

To find the best torrent websites, you need to “test” them in a few different areas, so you can tell which is the best for you. In this part, we will talk about some of the things you need to take a look at whenever you encounter a new torrent website. 


Ads have taken over almost every corner of the internet these days. This is an even bigger problem on these sites. A lot of these ads are used as bait for viruses and malware so be careful. In some other cases, some of these ads are NSFW which makes the whole experience weird and unlikable. If sites that you frequent often have a lot of ads, it might be time for you to change to something else. 

Download Speed

Even though this is not entirely up to the website, still having a bad download speed right from the website, will certainly ruin the whole process. While on the other hand having great internet speeds, and the website has great download speeds makes everything seem seamless.  Despite that, if you have a slow internet connection, the downloads might take a while for you.


Finding torrent websites that don’t have a large enough library is sometimes off-putting. Finding the exact number of content that these sites have is also quite hard to do, but if they provide content from a lot of different categories, you will possibly find what you are looking for.

Monthly traffic

This is another very important metric since it shows how many visitors torrent websites have had in the past month. When you encounter a website with a considerable amount of visitors, it shows that this website has quality torrents and also is trusted by users. 


Security is one of those things that will always be a big problem regarding torrenting. Since like anything on the internet can be dangerous when it comes to torrents, that percentage increases. You can take some measurements to prevent any issues. One of the best things you can do is get a VPN. That way your IP Address will be protected and any personal information tied to it will remain private. 

These were some of the things you need to watch out for when looking at new torrent websites. Now that we talked a bit about that, it’s time to continue with the list of the best torrent websites.

1. The Pirate Bay

the pirate bay

One of the oldest and most popular torrenting websites. Since it has been around for ages, the website has been polished and is full of features that make browsing it a totally pleasant experience. 

Keep in mind that this website has been banned by a lot of countries, so to access it, you will need to use a VPN. 

With more than 20 million users monthly this website has proven itself to be trustworthy. As for download speeds, those can vary around 5/6 MB/s which is a pretty decent speed most times. Since this website is so big and popular the number of mirrors it has is also great. Among the best mirrors, we can mention,,,, etc.

All in all The Pirate Bay is one of the best torrenting websites, with a large library of content, and users from every corner of the internet.

The link for the website is this one

2. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents

Another very famous website, which has been considered to be one of the best torrenting sites. This one in particular is not the original, but it still works perfectly and continues to hold high the name it has. 

In it, you can find all kinds of content, and with a large number of monthly visitors and seeders, you will find everything you need. The number of visitors is always around 6 million. 

There are also quite a few different mirrors for this so don’t worry if the main page doesn’t work. These mirrors are,,,

The link for the website is this one



Another very big website with an extremely large number of monthly users. Varying around 57 million makes this torrenting website a great choice for whoever wants to get great torrent files. RARBG apart from a large number of users also has a massive collection of content, and as a bonus, you can check out the top 10 most downloaded content at the time, which can show you even more things that you can download if you want. RARBG is one of those sites that has a lot of categories that vary from movies to music, from software to games, and a lot of other interesting stuff that can be easily downloaded. 

Just like the rest, RARBG has quite a few mirrors, and some of them are,,,,,

The link for the website is this one.



Being one of the best torrent websites for TV Shows and movies is not an easy thing to do. EZTV is one of the best when it comes to that. Even though its library is not as big as other torrenting sites like RARBG, it still has a pretty decent-sized library with high-quality content. 

Another useful feature that EZTV has is the ability to sort by the quality which makes it easier for people to find the thing they’re looking for. 

As for download speeds, they’re not the best, but with them being around 2/3 MB/s which may not seem much, but considering that it’s mostly TV Shows and movies, it should be good enough. The monthly visitors, on the other hand, are at around 28 million, which is pretty great.

EZTV also has some mirrors, which are,,,,

The link for the website is this one.

5. LimeTorrents


Having one of the best interfaces has made LimeTorrents the go-to app for more than 17 million monthly users. The interface is not the only good thing this torrenting website has, the large collection of content has also made it a fan favorite. 

The download speeds are average with them being at 3/4 MB/s. But there is one slight problem with Lime Torrents, the number of seeders is not as high for older content which makes those downloads a bit harder.

The link for the website is this one.

6. Torrentz2


Unlike the rest of the torrent websites on this list, Torrentz2 works differently. This website is considered a torrent search engine. This means that when you search for something, it shows you results from a variety of different torrent sites. Despite that, one of its strongest points is the music library, which is one of the biggest out there. 

As for visitors Torrentz2 usually gets above 20 million per month. While the download speeds are around 1/3 MB/s.

The mirrors for this torrenting website were a bit hard to find, so here is one

The link for the website is this one.

7. 1337X


This is one of the biggest torrent websites on this list. Pulling over 70 million monthly visitors shows that 1337X has certainly been a great website for everyone. Offering a lot of different categories like Movies, Television, Games, Music, Applications, Anime, etc. So you can call 1337x an all-in-one torrent site. And by looking at the categories we can see why they are such a visited website. 

A few years ago, 1337X wasn’t what it is now, and after some very big changes to their website, the improvements that they made are showing. 

As for the mirrors, they have quite a few, and some of them are listed on their main website. The mirrors are (Active since Oct. 2017) (Active since Dec. 2017) (Active since Mar. 2018) (Active since May. 2018) (Active since Jan. 2019) (Active since Oct. 2019).

The link for the website is this one.

8. YTS


If you are looking for the best torrenting website for movie downloads, this is a top contender for that place. Having an impressive library of movies in high resolution has made this the go-to website for over 30 million visitors monthly. 

Also having a very respectable 3/4 MB/s download speed makes it even better since the downloads are movies, which in general don’t take much space. Plus, one of their promises is the smallest size for HD content. 

Here are some of their mirrors,,,,

The link for the website is this one.

9. Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads

Another website that offers a large variety of categories. One of its best features is the ability to comment on the torrent file that you’re downloading, which helps sort out the bad and malicious content. Another feature is their great advanced search, which helps you find the exact thing you want. Using that advanced search you can find easily a variety of torrents. 

As for the download speed, it’s not the best with it being around 2 MB/s, which as we’ve seen from other popular torrent sites is quite lower. 

There are also quite a few mirrors for this website, some of the best are,,,

The link for the website is this one.

10. is the name this website is most know as. Lately, they have changed their domain to Despite the name change, how the website works is still the same. works the same as Torrentz2, which means this website is a torrent search engine. Here you can find torrents from other famous sites like The Pirate Bay, RARBG, 1337x, and many more. 

The number of monthly visitors is not as high compared to other sites on this list, but considering the changes, they have had lately, it’s understandable. The number is around three to five million visitors. 

The link for the website is this one.

11. IPTorrents


This website on the other hand is in the private torrent websites category. That means that in order to access it you need to be a member, which can happen if you get invited. Unfortunately, they are not excepting new users now, but you can join them if you donate to them. The amount required is around $20.

There are quite a few benefits to being a part of private torrent sites compared to public torrent sites. The biggest benefit being the security, especially for a website like IPTorrents, where you need an invitation to get in, the probability of people having bad intentions is lower. Another benefit is the higher download speeds that they have. By being a part of these websites, your downloads will take less time. Other benefits are the number of seeders since all users have quotas they need to fulfill. 

Having above 5 million monthly visitors makes this a great website for all your torrenting if you can afford or are willing to pay a fee to join it. 

The link for the website is this one.

12. TorLock


Another great torrenting website that is really focused on security. If you are able to find fake torrent files or links, TorLock pays you for this contribution to keeping their website and files protected. By using this method, its users are more interested in having a great website that makes their downloads safer. 

TorLock claims that they currently have more than five million verified torrents, which might not sound a lot, but considering their protective measurements, it’s a great number of available torrents. 

Apart from the secure torrents, TorLock also has a great interface that is very user-friendly. They also have lists of the best and most popular torrents for different categories. 

One thing to keep in mind is that ads are quite annoying at times on this website, so you might not enjoy browsing this website as much. 

If you want mirrors of TorLock, here you can find some of them:,

The link for the website is this one.

13. iDope


iDope is the website for anyone who is looking for small-sized 720p content. One issue you might encounter with its torrent files is the lack of seeders. Despite that, the download speed is quite good, and considering the files are small, you will be done pretty quickly with them. 

A feature that this website has that is quite unique is related to downloads. You are able to download the thing that you want directly without downloading the torrent file. 

As we mentioned iDope is usually for 720p content, but occasionally you will find 1080p, which are just as good of quality as the 720p ones. 

The link for the website is this one

14. FitGirl Repacks

FitGirl Repacks

If you are on the torrent side of the internet just for games, then this is the website for you. FitGirl Repacks is one of the best gaming torrent sites. Having one of the largest libraries of games has made gaming enthusiasts return for more every time. Games here are heavily compressed which makes the downloads much faster and smoother. 

Having a great user interface has made this website great for everyone. Even though its library is amazingly big, the games keep on coming almost every day. If you are interested in trying games, then this is the website for you. 

The link for the website is this one.

15. Zooqle


Zooqle a while ago was the new kid in town, but now because of how good it is, it has become one of the best torrenting websites. The things where Zooqle is best at are movies, tv shows, and games. You can find whatever you are looking for with their great search bar. Despite gaining popularity lately, this is still not as popular as other websites. We can see that with how many monthly visitors it reaches, which is around five to seven million visitors.

For more mirrors of this website look at these links,,

The link for the website is this one.

16. GloTorrents


Apart from the usual torrents that all the other websites have, GloTorrents also has a streaming service and live radio so you can listen to music. So if you want to also experience those things this is the website for you. 

As for monthly visitors, GloTorrents is not quite up to the numbers that the others have, with them being around one to two million. Still, it offers quite a lot of stuff, and it could be a great alternative. 

If you want to have a mirror for this website, here it is

The link for the website is this one.

17. BroadcastTheNet


Similar to IPTorrents this is another private torrent site. BroadcastTheNet is mainly focused on TV Shows, but there is also other content there. Having more than 30000 members makes this a very big torrenting community, especially for private torrent sites. Unfortunately joining BroadcastTheNet is quite a hard thing to achieve.

The link for the website is this one.

18. PassThePopcorn


Another private torrenting website and this one is mainly focused on movies. Being focused on only one category might not be a bad thing, especially since PassThePopcorn has one of the biggest libraries including even old movies. 

Getting inside the website is difficult, similarly to the other private torrent sites, but if you are a big fan of movies, it might be worth joining.

The link for the website is this one.

19. Bibliotik


Just like some of the other private torrent sites on this list, this is also focused on one category. And by looking at the name you can assume that it is ebooks. Bibliotik is one of the largest ebook sites, with a library of over 30000 torrents, which makes it a very compelling site for those interested in them. Similar to the others getting in, is quite hard. 

The link for the website is this one.

20. Torrent Funk


Another great website part of the public torrent sites group. It features a large library, not as big as something like Pirate Bay, or RARBG, but it still is considerable. 

One of its best features is the verification status indicator that is available for all torrents, and it helps users see how trustworthy files are. There are also reviews by users, which also increases the security of everything that can be found on this website. Another feature that helps a user find the best files is the detailed information that a torrent link has. Starting from the release date, the name of the user who uploaded, the number of seeds. All of these features make this a great website for all your torrents. 

Some of the mirrors of this website are,

The link for the website is this one.

Closing thoughts

As we saw here, there are quite a lot of great torrent websites on the internet. Here we compiled a list of some of the best, and on them, you can get all your torrents easily.

But as we mentioned before, torrent downloading is a tricky thing to do, and you might need to be careful of harmful files that you download on your computer. One of the ways you can protect yourself is with a VPN. There are quite a lot of great VPNs out there that will do the job just fine. There are also VPN for Torrents, which can be even better for this particular process. 

A VPN will help with a lot of different things, one of them being your IP Address, which can also reveal your identity. Also to be protected from Internet Service Providers (ISP). In some countries where downloading torrents from torrent sites is illegal, so your ISP can report you, which can cause a lot of problems for you. Protecting yourself should be one of the most important things you do, especially on the internet. 

Some sites also have protective measurements themselves, which can help a lot, especially the users who are not as familiar with this whole process. Despite everything torrent sites are one of the most used ways by people to get whatever they are looking for. So go through the list and see which seems like the best one for you so you can start downloading and enjoying the content. 

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