How to Install BeeTV on Firestick

How to Install BeeTV on Firestick

If you have a Firestick, and are looking for applications that you can install on it. BeeTV is one of the best applications you can add to your app library. Here you will learn how to install BeeTV on your Firestick with a couple of different methods. 

What is BeeTV?

Before we go into more details on how you can install BeeTV on your Firestick, we need to learn a bit on what it is and what it offers. 

BeeTV is a modular search tool, that looks for content on different hosting websites, and once it finds the content that it’s looking for, it returns it to the BeeTV app. This method is quite popular among apps that offer a similar service. One of the most famous apps that have used this method was Terrarium TV, which is what most of these new apps are based on. 

BeeTV Features

The features of BeeTV are plenty, here we will show you some of them, so you can decide whether BeeTV is will be your go-to app for all your streaming activities or not. 

One of the best features that this app offers is the wide range of supported devices, starting from Android devices like the Android TV Box, or other Android-based devices like Firestick. Being supported by tons of devices has certainly made this app more popular and has increased the number of users significantly. Having support for a popular streaming device like the Firestick has made BeeTV one of the best apps when it comes to streaming content.

Another feature that is pretty useful for most people is the and Real-Debrid integrations which will make the experience of watching your preferred content better. By using these integrations and the link searching powers of the BeeTV app, you will be able to get HD content links, and you will also be able to download content.

The clean user interface is another good thing about this app, you will get an easy-to-use interface that will be very welcomed by most users. 

Frequent updates are another very important feature that this app has, since it is made by a dedicated group of developers, you will get new features and fixes as soon as possible. 

Another feature that is probably the most important one is the large collection of content that BeeTV gives you access to. Hours of content that can be accessed easily with this app is one of the biggest reasons why this app is so popular and why the developers are maintaining it so well. Both of those things work in a combination that seems to work well for everyone involved. 

How to Protect yourself?

Since this application is not on the official Amazon App Store you will need to be more careful when you use it. One way you can do that is by using a VPN. A VPN or Virtual Private Network will help you hide your IP Address and identity from threats that you might encounter online. Apart from the security benefits that using a VPN offers, by using one you are also able to access content that is restricted to your region by just changing your server. This way you can have access to all the content you want. 

One thing you’ll need to keep in mind when it comes to VPNs is their speed. Since you will be streaming through the internet the content that BeeTV has, you will need a good VPN that doesn’t take too much of your internet’s speed. This way you will have a smooth and enjoyable experience while watching the content that you want.

How to install BeeTV?

Installing BeeTV is quite an easy process, but you will need to follow the steps carefully. Here you will see two different methods, and you can use whichever seems better for you. Before you continue with both methods mentioned below you will need to do one thing. You will need to Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources on your Firestick. 

  • To do that you will need to go into the device Settings of whichever device you have.
  • Once you are in the Settings you will need to go into My Fire TV, or whatever your device is named as. 
  • Inside My Fire TV, you will need to find Developer options, once you do open it up.
  • There you will see two options, the one we need to turn on is Apps from Unknown Sources. Once you click on it, you will need to press the Turn On button. 

By doing this you will make the installation process for BeeTV or any other application that you might want to install easier. 

Now that we got that out of the way, we can proceed with the methods that will allow us to download and install BeeTV on a Firestick.

Method #1

For the first method, we will be using a famous app called the Downloader App, this is used in many guides for app installations similar to BeeTV. Follow all the steps below carefully, and in the end, you will be a happy customer of the content that BeeTV offers. If you want to check Downloader App on the Amazon App Store here is the link.

Step #1

Before we continue with the process of installing BeeTV on your Firestick, we will need to download the Downloader App on it. To do that you will need to use the search function that is found in the top-left corner of the home screen. Once you are there, type Downloader App, wait for the results, open the first result, then press the download button. 

Once the Downloader App is installed you will need to open it and follow the instructions that are displayed from the app. So you will need to give the Downloader App access to the storage of your Firestick, and press Ok on whatever the screens that show you a quick guide and the developer notes.

Now that you have downloaded the app, and you have given access to the storage you are ready to continue. 

Step #2

Now that you are inside the app, you will need to go to the Home tab, which is located in the menu on the left side of the screen. There you will see a place where you can write a URL, there you will type, and once you do press the Go button.

Step #3

By pressing the Go button you will start the downloading process. Wait for it to be over then you will need to press Next then Install on the screens that show up right after you download the BeeTV APK File.

Step #4

Now you will have to wait for the BeeTV Movie app to get installed, and once it is done, you can press Done. This means that the app is installed and ready for you to enjoy all your favorite movies.

Step #5

Even though the process of installation is done, there are a few more things you can do. One of these things is deleting or not the file of BeeTV application. You can do that if you are in need of more storage in your device. Now that this process is over, you can go into the home screen of your Firestick and click on the BeeTV app icon and start enjoying all the quality streaming links and content that it offers.

Method #2

For this second method, we will be using an app called ES File Explorer. This is an app that has more use cases compared to the previous app used on the first method. If you want to take a look at this app on the Amazon App Store, here is the link.

Step #1

Just like with the Downloader App, the first step will be to download ES File Explorer. The process of downloading it is quite similar, so all you need to do is use the search function that is located in the top-left corner of the home screen. Once you go there you will need to type the name of the app, which in this case is ES File Explorer. Click on the first option then press the Download button. 

Wait until the app is downloaded, open it and give it the permissions it requires. This way you will be ready to install any app you want, or in this case the  BeeTV Movie app.

Step #2

Now that you are inside the ES File Explorer, you will need to find Downloader which is usually on the right side of the options that are displayed there. Once you find Downloader open it. 

Step #3

Inside the Downloader you will see some buttons at the bottom of the screen. Click on the New button that has a big Plus above it. 

Step #4

When you click on the New button you will see a pop-up come up, there you will see two things that will need you to write on them in order to continue with the process. The first one is Path while the other one is Name, on the Path you will need to write the URL of the app, which in this case is the same as the one we used on the first method. This URL which you will type there is the official BeeTV website. Since we filled Path, now it’s time to fill Name, there you will need to type the name of this application, you can name it whatever you want, but it’s recommended that you use the same name as the app, so you can tell all the apps apart later on. 

Once you fill in Path and Name you will need to press the Download button that is below them. 

Step #5

Now the download process will start, wait until the BeeTV APK file is downloaded, and once it is over click on Open File. 

Step #6

When you click on the Open File you will be one step closer to having the BeeTV application in your Firestick. Here you will need to press the Install button. 

Step #7

By doing so you will go to the APK installation screens, there you will need to press Install which is located in the lower-right corner.

Step #8

Wait for the installation process to finish, then you will see two options, Done and Open, you can click on Done and proceed to delete the APK file that you downloaded, then you go on your home screen where you will see the BeeTV icon, or you can click on the Open which will directly start the application. 

Closing thoughts

As you saw there are two methods on how you can install BeeTV to your Firestick, both of those are good on their own, but it will depend on whether you need the app that we used for something else or not. The Downloader app is only useful for downloading applications on your device. While the ES File Explorer has more use cases since it can also work as a file manager. 

So depending on whether you need a file manager or not, the best method for you will vary. Despite that, both methods are quite easy to do, and whichever you choose you will have access to the BeeTV streaming application, and you will be watching your preferred content in no time. 

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