How to Install Beast TV IPTV on FireStick

How to Install Beast TV IPTV on FireStick

Beast TV IPTV it’s a cheap IPTV alternative that has in its library quite a lot of channels, and to be more exact over 2500, and all this for only 15$ a month. This subscription includes HD and SD channels. Beast TV works on Android devices as well as IOS, Computers and, Kodi. For this tutorial, we will be installing Beast TV IPTV on FireStick which is based on Android.

But how do you install Beast TV IPTV on your FireStick?

We are glad you asked! We will divide this tutorial into three processes to follow:

·        Making an account for Beast TV IPTV

·        Allowing the installation of Beast TV IPTV in the settings

·        Installing Beast TV IPTV

Part I

First of all, you will need to get the following link and open it in a web browser tab into any device that has an internet connection: After arriving at the site scroll down until the prices tab arrives and make your plan selection.

*  Note that all the plans allow you to have 4 connections with the same 1 MAC address at the same time.

Image source: FireStickTricks

After you select your plan choose a Username and Password and click Continue to go to the page where you complete the transaction and finally, get nearly to the end of this first process.

Image source: FireStickTricks

After reviewing your detail click on the checkout button to move into the next step.

End Process
Image source: FireStickTricks

On the next page complete all the information that is required and proceed to move down the page until you find an option to change your password for this account under Account Security.

*  Keep in mind that this password is NOT for the APK login. That password has already been created in the previous steps. This password allows you to log in to your account with the email address that you got from .

After entering all the required information click on Complete Order and make sure your order goes through.

Image source: FireStickTricks

Part II

This step is all about allowing your FireStick device to install Apps from Unknown Sources so that you can later install Beast IPTV.

First, navigate to the settings tab of your home screen. The settings tab can be found at the top of your home screen. 

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After opening the settings you will find an option called ‘My Fire TV’, Click on it.

Image source: FireStickTricks

Next, click on the Developer Options tab.

Developer Options
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On the next screen, you will find an option named Apps from Unknown Sources. It is crucial that you turn that option on. If it is already On you don’t need to do move it.

Apps from unknown sources
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A warning may appear but just click ‘Turn on’ once again. Don’t worry it won’t ruin anything to your device.

Turn On
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And with that, we may move on with our last step of this tutorial.

Part III

After following the last few steps, return once more to the home screen and select the icon which is in the upper-left corner.

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On the next screen write the word Downloader. This step is crucial in sideloading Beast TV. So follow the instructions and steps on the following photos to install this app.

Search Http
Image source: FireStickTricks

Click where it says ‘http://’ and type:

Website Downloader
Image source: FireStickTricks

Here all you need to do is type the same link as given before and click on Go.

APK Beast TV
Image source: FireStickTricks

The Beast TV APK will start downloading as soon as the Downloader App connects with the server. Note that the download speed is dependent on your internet speed. 

Image source: FireStickTricks

After the download has finished this window will appear. Click on Install and you should see the Android logo with an installation bar beneath.

Image source: FireStickTricks

The installation will take a few moments just be patient.

How to Install Beast TV IPTV on FireStick 1
Image source: FireStickTricks

The installation should be done by now. Now, if you wish you can click on Open and immediately open the app but we recommend clicking on done so you can delete the downloaded APK and free some storage on your Firestick.

Image source: FireStickTricks

Click in the middle button where it says Delete.

Image source: FireStickTricks

Then, click on delete again.

Delete 2
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And that’s it!

This next section is all about accessing BeastTV

If you have already opened other unknown applications on FireStick you can scroll past this part.

First, go to the home screen of your FireStick device and scroll down to the second row and start scrolling to the left.

Your Apps and Channels
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Click on ‘See all’, it should be the first result that is shown there.

See All
Image source: FireStickTricks

Scroll at the bottom of your list and here you will the see Beast TV icon.

Beast TV
Image source: FireStickTricks

*  Note- If you want to relocate this app on your Firestick home screen, you can do so by finding the three-line button on your FireStick remote and clicking it. And at the popup click on the Move option. Now the Beast TV should appear on your home screen if it doesn’t repeat the process again or reinstall the app.

When the App gets opened for the first time, click on Add New Account.

New Account
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On the next screen add the information you registered on the website before. Note that in the Name tab you can put whatever name you want.

How to Install Beast TV IPTV on FireStick 2

Image source: FireStickTricks

And that’s it!

Now, you are free to continue using the app as is but it is not recommended since this app is in a legal grey area and it may get you in trouble using it (depending on your country of course). What we recommend doing in order to bypass all these problems is using a VPN service so that you don’t make yourself open to any potential IP leaks. We recommend VPN services like Express VPN, Surf shark VPN, Nord VPN, or any other VPN service of your choice as long as you are safe while browsing through the content you consume.

How to reset your Beast TV passwords.

As said before there are two separate passwords used to access the Beast TV IPTV service. One of them is used to access your Online account while the other one is used to access your APK or app password

Firstly, let’s start off with the password for your online account.

Your account password is used to access your subscription options as well as other things related to your account, so it is very important you don’t lose this password. First go to this link:

If you can’t remember your password (which is why you are in this section in the first place) click on Forgot Password which is located a bit lower than the credentials area.

After that enter the email that you put in during the registration. (You have to at least remember your email address to have a chance of recovering your online account.)

Lastly, you will get an email with the link that resets the password of your address. Just click on it and put in a new password that you will actually remember this time.

Recovering your APK/App Password

This password is used to log in to the app itself. It was created after you set up your online account and it is separate from that password. Beast TV IPTV sends you this password yet again to your email address after you purchase your first subscription.

So, the first step here is to check back again to your email folder thoroughly. Don’t forget to check up the folder where all the spam mail is as well, sometimes Beast TV emails get stuck there.

If you can’t find your password there check your online account by logging in to link: and navigating to Services, then proceed to Active, and then IPTV Service Details so you can see the APK and app password.

And that should be it in terms of finding your password.

How to watch Beast TV on different platforms like iOS, Windows PCs, Kodi, and MAC devices.

Beast TV IPTV has an official app for Android devices such as the FireStick but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch your favorite movies, shows, sports or, live TV in other ways. Keep in mind that this tutorial only works on these devices: iOS, Windows PCs, Linux and macOS, Kodi and, older MAC Devices.

On certain devices, you may also need the Playlist and the EPG URL. Below you will see every link that you need:

Playlist URL: &password=PASSWORD&type=m3u_plus&output=ts


Replace the Username and the Password in the URLs above with your Username and your Password.

Beast TV on iOS

Any iOS device supported by this list of IPTV Players can be used to stream Beast TV on your device. You will also need the Playlist and the EPG URLs provided a bit earlier.

Beast TV IPTV on Computer (Linux, Windows, and macOS)

Unfortunately, Beast TV doesn’t have a dedicated app for computers so you will have to use the Beast TV IPTV Web Player so you can access Beast TV directly from your computer.

Go to

Once there just log in to your account and enjoy your content.

Note that the Web Player ususally works on all major web browsers like Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari, etc.

Beast TV IPTV on Kodi

Just like in the computer version of Beast TV, the Kodi version also doesn’t have a Kodi add-on. But don’t worry because you can use your service by using the PVR IPTV Simple Client add-on.

Thankfully, Kodi has support for many devices, including Mac, Android TV, FireStick, Linux, Windows, Raspberry Pi, iOS, and other Android Devices, etc.

This means that with the PVR IPTV Client add-on, can be used on a lot of devices from different platforms.

MAC Devices

Installing Beast TV on MAC devices is relatively easy all you need to do is provide your MAC address for the portal like this:

Some of Beast TV IPTVs Features

Beast TV IPTV offers a vast selection of channels (about 2500 to be precise) from all over the world including the UK, Canada, US, and more. It is remote-friendly on FireStick, contains multiple sports packages, has support for MAG devices, works on all sorts of computers using the Web Player, has more than a hundred Live TV channels, allows up to 4 connection and 1 MAC address connection for every subscription and it also offers you Free EPG/TV Guide with each subscription

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully, you were able to follow all these steps without a problem. If you ever encounter problems make sure the service is still online because you never know when the service may be shut down.

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